Top 8 Benefits of Online Education – Huge Advantages!

We are living in a digital age, where access to any information is a cakewalk. The past year saw a boom in the virtual scene with the pandemic restricting us from staying within the limits of our homes. The most notable change is in the scenario of online classes. We have learned the fact that it is possible to build a career and future with virtual access to information. In other words, the benefits of online education have convinced the parents to think of permanently switching to online classes as a mode of education. AOL school has presciently identified this when they started their online school in 2015. Now it has been established that except for extracurricular activities, we can teach our kids at home. 

Benefits of online education

Benefits of online education:

Notwithstanding the fact that online classes taking over the academics, it is still imperative to analyse the benefits of online education and see how far it is benefitting your child. 

1. Flexible timing

Gone are the days when the houses function according to the child’s school timings. Now, with the flexibility of attending the classes at home, parents can choose the timings of the classes as per the convenience.

2. Access to better education

With online classes, you have the opportunity to enrol your child on a better school and provide better education without worrying about the commute or having to put them in boarding schools. With a laptop in the study area, your child can learn the courses that truly interests him/her. This is one of the striking benefits of online education.

Benefits of online education - Children learn what they like

3. Educate without burning the pockets

The infrastructure of the schools is one of the factors that decide the tuition fee when it comes to physical education. Most educational institutions incorporate the charges for using the infrastructure like cafeteria, auditorium etc in the tuition fee. Moreover, if your child is accessing the conveyance, the fee for the same will add to this. Needless to say, the extra amount spent on uniforms, and accessories, which could be bypassed with online classes. This highlights the disadvantages of physical education rather than the benefits of online education.

4. Better monitoring by parents

In physical education, the child’s academic excellence is perceivable by the parents only through the teacher’s assessment. But when it comes to online classes, parents can monitor their child, and be assured about better performance in classes. Moreover, this reduces the distractions as the child is learning in a calm environment of the home. They can further ensure brain development in children.

5. Enables the children to learn what they like

After attending hours of classes in school, and commuting to and fro, the children would come home tired, with probably another set of tuition classes. This restricts their chances of learning something that they are passionate about because they lack time and energy. With online schools, these concerns no longer exist as the child is at home and has more time to invest in learning other academic as well as extracurricular courses.

6. Improves confidence

Often kids who are shy, and reserved find it difficult to cope with the peer pressure in physical classes. One of the notable benefits of online education is that the child can learn at his/her pace. This also eradicates the grading of children based on limited criteria. Hence, the child would naturally feel confident and perform better.

7. Better student teacher interaction

It has been believed that with online classes, the teachers would not be able to monitor the kids. On the contrary, the experience proved that if executed well, online classes let the teachers monitor the child better as they are seeing the child’s face up close.

8. Increases interest in education

I would say this is the best benefit of online education. Child tantrums to go to school have been by far the worst nightmare of mothers (across decades). Now they don’t have to leave the comfort of home and hence show a better interest in education.

The benefits of online education extend to building self-discipline, boosting learning ability and more. The style of education has changed remarkably as the waves of pandemic build up worsens. It is time to embrace the new normal, which is online classes for the kids.

TCT recommends Gleanr as one of the finest online education platforms:

Glearnr stands for “Group Learner” and focuses on educating children beyond academics and curriculum. It helps children learn life skills, including but not limited to managing personal finances, practical communication skills, social media basics, and problem-solving abilities. Students are restricted to a maximum of seven and a minimum of three in each course in order to give each learner equal attention and care. Moreover, the subject matter experts are chosen carefully to develop a trustworthy relationship with the young minds. Glearnr is an ideal place for children to learn the art of collaboration, social skills, teamwork, and empathy.

Benefits of Glearnr:

Teamwork: Optimum class size ensures that kids learn the art the collaboration and teamwork through proper communication and empathy.

Teachers with high EQ: 
Teachers are selected to teach only if they score well on Cambridge University’s empathy quotient framework.

Focus on Life Skills: The continuous focus is to deliver and create courses that are missed in schools but have a significant impact on overall life.

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12 thoughts on “Top 8 Benefits of Online Education – Huge Advantages!”

  1. One learning has a lot of benefits however as you rightly said it also entails self discipline and self motivation to a large extent to get maximum benefits.

  2. Agree. One thing I really like about online schooling n learning is that I come to knw what my kids have learnt n understood.and it also gets very interesting for kids too.

  3. Yeah hopefully these private schools will reduce their exorbitant fees when online education shows its greatness. My daughter doesn’t enjoy online classes and right now it’s not easy on the pockets but we are praying.

  4. I agree with you in fact online education was not taken seriously until last year but it has its shares of benefit. Flexible timing is one of the biggest advantages.

  5. One learning has a lot of benefits however as you rightly said it also entails self discipline and self motivation to a large extent to get maximum benefits.

  6. Online learnings and education has proved to be quote useful in the current situation. Its like a huge pandora of box full of opportunities that opens up for kids online. And on top online education has many benefits for the overall development of the child.

  7. Online education has given us plenty of time to divert into hobby which was difficult with the school and outdoor activities. Indoor activities which were neglected before are coming into picture when online education is running smoothly.

  8. Online education does have lot of benefits as it is more convenient and monitoring by parents is much easier but still I feel going to school and physically attending school has much more benefits.

  9. Online education is a boon I feel , thanks to the technology now the kids dont have to miss out studying . The best opart is everything is hassle free and interactive

  10. I agree with you that online education gives kids more flexible time and as a parent we also able to keep a track of their performance.