5 Awesome tricks to get your child to sit in a car seat

If you think getting your child to sit on the potty is a task, then here is another one which could pose a bigger challenge. To ensure utmost safety, get your child to sit in a car not without the car seat! Learn the tricks now.

‘Wish they remained babies, wrapped in my arms’, a common emotion of a mother who is going through the early years of her parenthood. As the child grows up, every conversation becomes a rational discussion. While many at times, we could certainly wait, till the child gets convinced with our thoughts and act accordingly. Yet there are concerns such as safety and health issues which are non-negotiable to their choices. One such fight between a parent and a child is getting buckled up in the car seat. This piece of writing gives some explicit, easy and exciting tricks to get your child to sit in a car seat.Get your Child to sit in a Car Seat 01

The most unsettling aspect of and car drive is the seat belt. Yet, beyond the fact of following the laws, it is unquestionably vital for the safety of the child. As elders, it has become a mindset for us to wear a seatbelt. For a child, it is like tying his or her hands and legs. So here are some great tricks which would be handy to make this, a perfect habit for your child.

1. Let them own their actions:

While you explain the child about the importance of sitting in a car seat, encourage them to climb and sit on the car seat all by themselves. Support them act in a way that will inspire them to do this activity all by themselves. Play the game of ‘Who ties the seat belt first’. Making them responsible for their actions. Make it look like they own that action. Ensure you check the belt twice after they have clipped it.Get your Child to sit in a Car Seat 02

2. A toy or a book:

Have a special toy or a book in the car which you can use it for the drive. Give them the toy or the book only when they adhere to your instructions. The inquisitiveness to play with the toy or read the book would make them follow your rules. Ensure no sharp objects are used as toys.

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3. Time to eat: 

Give them their favorite snack or juice, which they can easily pick it up and keep munching or drinking so that they feel distracted and do not get cranky.Get your Child to sit in a Car Seat 04

4. Games and music:

Yes, while you and your child are buckled into your seat, a constant interaction with your child, would help them enjoy their drive. Play some of their favorite rhymes or songs and sing along with them. Ask them to guess the music when it gets played. You can also play word building games. A definite way to make the car drive a comfortable experience for your child.

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5. Admire the view outside:

A constant conversation with your child will help them feel relaxed. Talk to them about the external view. For example, colors found on the road, the different vehicles, nature, the people, etc. Cook a story with everything you see around yourself and ask for their input and imaginations. This would certainly help the child enjoy the drive and not focus on getting stuck to the seat.

Some parents try to bribe their children. This might be a temporary solution, which in the long-run would definitely become a constant thumb-rule for every aspect. We do not encourage any kind of bribe-style parenting. Rather, we encourage and focus on fun-filled and positive parenting ideas.

by Ila Asthana

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