6 Telltale Signs Of Skin Problems In Babies

Summer is probably one of the favorite seasons for my baby and me. We don’t need to layer up. Our skin gets to actually breathe. But it wasn’t this way right from the beginning. My son is a May-born baby. Right from his birth, we were cautious about a lot of things, including the room temperature to be maintained for a newborn. Just like any other parent, we followed the typical norm of maintaining 26-27 degrees inside the house. Little did we know that it was still hot and humid for our newborn! One day, his skin started showing signs of a sudden eruption of baby acne. All of 3 months old and we had to take him to the pediatrician for a checkup…I wasn’t sure if skin problems in babies were common.

6 Telltale signs of skin problems in babies 01Baby skin problems and solutions

One day, his skin started showing signs of a sudden eruption of baby acne. All of 3 months old and we had to take him to the pediatrician for a checkup…

That’s when our baby’s doctor told us 6 important telltale signs of skin problems and ways to cure them. It is important to heed these signs, he said, as newborns are quite prone to skin problems and rashes. No wonder, because their skin is much thinner than ours and actually loses moisture up to five times faster than our skin! While he told us that many of these problems disappear on their own within a few days, some could take longer to heal. They could even be a result of a bacterial or yeast infection. Best to be very careful!

Signs of common skin problems in babies, especially during the summer months:

1. Baby acne

This is a very common skin problem in summer babies, usually triggering in the first few weeks of birth. Pimples develop on a baby’s cheeks and nose.

These tend to get worse before clearing up at around eight weeks. However, don’t panic if this condition arrives at a later stage also; for instance, my little one got it again at 2.5 years of age. For him, the problem aggravated during the change of season. Watch out for the early signs and keep your child’s skin clean and moisturized to avoid acne from recurring.

2. Eczema

If you see the appearance of a red rash that gets itchy (and if the condition of eczema or asthma runs in the family), then you mustn’t take chances and show your child to his doctor on an urgent basis. Eczema if cures in time with proper precautions taken from one’s end can reduce the effects on the child’s skin health. Eczema generally gets started from the facial skin but is also known to appear on the elbows, chest, or arms and gradually becomes dry and scaly. This type of rash is usually considered to be an allergic reaction, possibly triggered by the use of a particular soap bar, skin lotion or even a detergent one is using to wash her child’s laundry with. Moreover, you must bathe your child with a mild soap specially designed to keep sensitive skin in mind.

TCT recommends Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar. This soap bar is formulated with ¼ moisturizing cream, and a super-effective skin cleaning formula during the summer months. There is a mild fragrance to the soap which has been developed for delicate skin proven to minimize allergy risks.

3. Diaper rash – One of the most common skin problems in babies

One of the most common skin issues, a diaper rash can be the most annoying and painful skin problem. The only way to ensure your child doesn’t suffer from a typical diaper rash is by changing your child’s nappies after regular intervals. At night, try and take it off. It’s also a good way to toilet-train your child right from an early stage. However, if you do spot redness which is rash-like and feels sore, apply extra virgin coconut oil or a pediatrician recommended diaper rash cream.

TCT recommends Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream (Rich Moisture). I have tried it and it works wonders. The cream not only protects your baby’s delicate skin from redness and irritation but with its convenient packaging, it’s also easy to use and carry with you.

4. Prickly heat rash

Another issue with babies who tend to sweat a lot. Besides, prickly heat rash is also common with infants and preschoolers who are hyperactive and always on the go. The red spots of tricky heat mostly appear on the neck and back area. The armpits can also develop heat rashes. The way to soothe your child’s summer-tortured skin is by choosing the right outfit. Organic, 100% cotton clothes are highly recommended. The idea is to keep your baby as cool and dry as possible. Also, don’t ever think that gracious sprinkling of talcum powder can solve the problem. In fact, it tends to aggravate the problem. The tiny grains of baby powder can cause nasal irritation too.

5. Milia

About half of all newborn babies get Milia. These are tiny white spots, on their face. These are nothing but blocked pores and usually clear up within the first few weeks of birth. It isn’t much you can do about it. The approach here is to wait and watch!

6. Yeast infections

Yeast caused skin infection to make its appearance after a baby has been given antibiotics. Mouth thrush is especially common after prolonged exposure to an antibiotic course. The tongue and mouth appear white (these white stains don’t come off no matter what). Consult your pediatrician to reduce the effects of yeast-led-skin-infections 

Additional advice from the pediatrician:

Because a baby’s skin loses moisture up to 5 times faster than adult skin, therefore, it is an utmost need to replenish the lost moisture adequately. Our baby’s soft delicate skin needs to be moisturized properly. It is important to make sure that we don’t apply anything harsh or too chemical-ly on their skin, especially after the prolonged summer bath. The dryness can be kept at bay by using a good moisturizer which should be applied on a regular basis in the winter months.

So he recommended Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby lotion: This lotion is ideal for a baby’s delicate skin as it replenishes essential nutrients and moisture lost during bathing. With its nourishing care formula that promises to keep your little one’s skin smooth and fresh.

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