8 Things you might not know about natural birth

by Ila Asthana

Things no one ever told you about natural birth!

Let’s be practical. No delivery is painless. Natural birth or C-section, no kind of labor is easy and any less than an accomplishment. A drug-free delivery and natural birth of the baby is unquestionably commendable. A lot is written, spoken and debated about the process of natural birth. Check these perspectives of natural birth, which not many would talk about.Things you might not know about natural birth 01

1. Good healthy meal: A good healthy meal, just 24 hours before going into the labor ward is a must. A healthy, balanced meal with sufficient liquids would give the pregnant women the required physical energy to push the baby.Things you might not know about natural birth 02

2. Sleep during labor: Labor pain and natural birth process continues for hours. A small power nap is the common suggestion by all the gynecologists. Take a nap, so that you are pumped up to push later.Things you might not know about natural birth 03

3. Get up and move: A natural birth is not just about sitting on the stretcher and pushing the baby. The pregnant women can get up and have a walk at regular intervals. She can also do some squats or take a nice warm shower.Things you might not know about natural birth 04

4. Do not scream: The movie stigma makes the pregnant women scream their hell out. Understandable that you are going through the pain. However, it is better to stay calm, relax and take deep breaths.

5. Break of water bag: Remember the water bag in your uterus can be broken anywhere, at any time. Whether you are in a coffee shop or entering the labor ward. Remember to stay calm and composed, and tell yourself, ‘This is natural’.

6. Contraction pain: Often I have heard many women say, contraction pain is just like a menstrual pain. Yes, it is like the menstrual pain. Nevertheless, the intensity of the pain gets worse as time progress. So tell yourself, it’s all going to be worth in the end.

7. The process of push: Do not try to physically push and strain your body completely. A little effort, just like how you do it, when you go to the potty, is enough. Rest your body would take care as it is a natural process.Things you might not know about natural birth 05

8. Foot traffic: Trust me when I say, a lot of professional people, will come and look in between your legs. If it’s a small hospital, you can be happy, or else, be prepared. So do not feel tight. Relax and allow them to do their job.Things you might not know about natural birth 06

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