Top 10 Infant Care Tips For New Moms

It’s commonly said and believed that giving birth to a baby is far easier than grooming and taking care of an Infant. Right from the nursing care of the newborn, we try to ensure the best for them. After the first few days of the arrival of your bundle of joy, parents realize the fact that nourishing and taking care of a newborn is a tough task ahead. The moment they feel everything has completed peacefully, the real adventure begins. If you are going through this adventurous journey, here are some great parenting tried and tested tips to nurse your newborn and help you get over the madness and the craziness of infant care. Hence TCT brings 10 infant care tips for the new parents.

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Infant care tips that will change your parenting experience:

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Eating and sleeping are the main two jobs of a newborn. You know why breast milk is important for your baby. Ensure that you breast-feed your child at equal intervals of time and get sufficient sleep about 16-20 hours. The process of eating and sleeping has been never easy and is accompanied by nursing the baby and soothing the baby in the moments of crying. Here are a few infant care tips which you can adopt to comfort your child.

1. Seek help

As a mother, we always try to do everything by ourselves for our child. We do not trust anyone. However, it is very important to seek help from the other family members. Talk to your family and friends, on how to handle a baby. Talk to doctors, pediatricians, gynecologists etc. about your questions and get your queries sorted. Never assume you know everything. Never dream to do everything by yourself. Because, it is essential that even you have healthy sleeping and eating patterns, for you to nourish your child.parenting tips for infant care 02

2. Sleeping cycles

A newborn usually sleeps for more than 16 hours a day, with short bursts. As a mother, you might have to constantly be awake and have an eye for your baby. New mothers definitely go through sleep deprivation. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Talk to your partner and take turns to sleep, so that you don’t get sleep-deprived. This way, even the fathers can participate and share the responsibility of grooming.parenting tips for infant care 03

3. Soothing the baby

No mother can watch their child cry. Having said that, crying a natural process. Many renowned doctors recommend parents to allow their baby to cry. It’s difficult at the early stage to decipher the reason behind the crying. A few reasons could be disturbed sleep, hunger, indigestion, mosquito bite, etc. Swaddling, shushing, and swinging, as well as allowing babies to suck and holding them on their sides, may trigger a calming reflex. Pleasant music can have a soothing impact on the baby.

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4. Father’s role

Get you the father involved with every infant care activity. Do not underestimate or criticize your partner. Trust and give them their share your joy. Let them learn to handle their child. Share the responsibilities and help each other.parenting tips for infant care 05

5. Hygiene cautiousness

No matter how you were before, once your baby is arriving, it is essential to practice Hygiene at home. A newborn is vulnerable to infections. It is essential to keep yourself and the surroundings clean. The use of sanitizers is a must. A germ-free environment is inevitable.

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6. Feeding and burping

Breastfeeding is an essential part of infant care. Breastfeeding gives life-long immunity from all the diseases for your infant. It is important for the mother to learn and develop a proper breastfeeding cycle, making it a comfortable experience for the child. Ensure your baby burps, to avoid the formation of gas in the child’s stomach.

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7. Travel tips

When you travel with your infant in the early days of his or her arrival, ensure you have a travel kit and a compulsory travel itinerary for yourself and for your child. A sufficiently filled diaper bag that is easy to carry with required essentials would make the travel experience memorable, both for the child and parents.parenting tips for infant care 07

8. Handle with care

Always remember, your baby has just entered this world. The baby is used to the conditions in the womb and not aware of the external world. Remember your baby is fragile and handle with care. Be cautious while carrying the baby, having the right support in the head and neck. Wrap the baby tight enough, so that baby feels warm, yet has proper air circulation.

9. A long-lasting bonding

It is essential that both father and mother create a long-lasting bond with the baby. Try to build an emotional connection with your child, from the initial days of his or her arrival. Cuddle and cradle your baby and sow the seeds of love and affection.

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10. Stay positive

Grooming and nourishing a newborn is the most exciting, yet challenging task which is far from easy. When you are unable to handle and calm your baby, do not panic or get stressed. Just relax and trust in your abilities and vibes of parenting. Stay positive and remain cheerful to enjoy every moment of parenthood.

We hope these infant care tips will help you gain the momentum of parenthood and aid in the delightful experience. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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