10 Benefits Of Flashcards With Images For Kids Across Age Groups

As parents homeschooling their child, you would be on a constant spree to find many ways to engage your child. You would also want to make them learn something substantial in the interim. If there is anything we learned from this pandemic, it is that parents can also be teachers. For parents with kids not enrolled in school or any other online classes, teaching your child would be a challenge. On the other hand, it has become overly necessary for parents with kids enrolled in school to find innovative ways to inculcate extracurricular activities. A fool-proof solution to this dilemma is to use flashcards with images. They are believed to be very effective in essential skill-building and to teach necessary life skills to kids across age groups.

Flashcards with images

Benefits of flashcards with images:

What are flashcards?

These are informative, colorful note cards full of words, images, and concepts in the form of pictures to help a child understand things in a basic yet impactful way. Flashcard learning has recently gained momentum as a playful and fun way to introduce children to newer concepts. They help in developing skills as basic as learning alphabets (flashcards for alphabets) and words, life skills, numbers, and more activity flash cards. They usually have prints on both sides with coinciding concepts on either side giving your child a chance to ‘see and learn’ at the same time.

This is an underrated concept that is now gaining the necessary momentum with numerous benefits for parents. Let’s look at the benefits of flashcards with images for your kids and why you should introduce this method to your kids.

1. Mother and child time

Flashcards with images - Mom and child time

Between managing work, household chores, and many other things, parents often do not get around spending any one-on-one time with their child beyond the home-schooling. It is the perfect way to spend time with your child at any time of the day and have them view the activity flashcards with you. Flashcard learning spreads across multiple categories. You can pick a topic, sit your child with you and get going.

2. Improved memory skills:

Monkey-see, monkey do. This saying is epically true in the case of flashcards. They show certain things as basic as ways they can help you out, or numbers or even flashcards for alphabets and much more. These certainly help in improving the kid’s memories when similar events as depicted in the cards occur. Thus children compare what they’ve seen to what is happening and often the outcome is exactly as seen. The basic correlation, to begin with, is a big step in memory-building for kids and the fact that you can repeat them at any given point, also helps big time.

3. Innovative way of learning

Flashcards with images

Kids have outstanding observation skills and flashcards with images help them with capitalizing on this. You could easily replicate activities and concepts shown on flashcards. This makes sure your child is adhering to the task, thus teaching them essential lessons. Activity flashcards, which are mostly fun-way to make basic tasks seem like fun for kids, lead them to become more independent by repeating what they’ve seen on the cards. Recreating those activities certainly helps.

4. Show more, speak less

A child’s attention span is constantly moving from one thing to another. Newer things spike curiosity in them and keeping them hooked to one thing, can sometimes be a task. However, flashcards with images, with their innovative designs and infographic layouts prove to be helpful here. Showing activity flashcards to the kids, with newer ideas and exciting ways to do certain activities, tug on their curiosity button. This helps to activate their sense of sight. Thus you receive a concrete response to stimuli that contribute to improved visual perception.

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5. Highly adaptable

Not only can you call for a variety of flashcards, but you can also be the flashcards maker at home. The best part is that these are flexible and adaptive in nature. Notwithstanding the concepts they are based on, flashcards with images help in bringing in variation in teaching methods for teachers in accordance with what they teach. Instead of using readymade flashcards, teachers are now including making flashcards an activity too.

6. Application skills

No sooner has a child seen a concept on a flashcard, you can rest assured of a time when they will apply that earned skill into their real life. Flashcards have proven to have a positive and ever-lasting effect on a child’s memory. These can be easily integrated by parents and teachers mainly in this virtual world for a quicker turnaround.

7. Multiple developmental benefits

Attractive flashcards

Flashcard learning helps kids understand the world around them. This in turn helps in making them more aware, independent, with improved cognitive abilities with a strong approach to the development of essential skills. It is what parents start but kids complete thus stimulating their thinking skills and helping with confidence. Flashcards for alphabets are particularly designed for this.

8. Interactive

Flashcards with images, designed as fun tools for interactive learning, help kids remember things faster.

9. Multi-sensory approach

Activity flashcards with a multi-sensory approach clearly contribute to a child’s overall development.

10. Durability

Flashcards with images are probably the best investment you will make for your kids. They have a long shelf-life, can be revisited whenever required, and are most definitely long-lasting.

It is never late to start flashcards with images for your child. Let them learn through fun, while you marvel at the quality time with your little one.

by Prerana Saluja

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23 thoughts on “10 Benefits Of Flashcards With Images For Kids Across Age Groups”

  1. Flashcards are a very nice concept for kids. They really enjoy when things are done with flashcard with images. And the learning process becomes much more fun and easy.

  2. When my kids were young, I used to show them flashcards with images. It was so much fun asking them to identify the alphabets, numbers, or characters using these cards. You took me back to that time again 🙂

  3. Flash card really make study easy, interesting. My both kids learn from flash cards phonic sounds and alphabets.

  4. Use flashcards for both my kids to help them learn and develop their skills. I find them to be very useful and a great way to learn new words as as pictures make it easy to grasp and understand the word better.

  5. Flash cards are great way to get kids involved into easy engaging activities. I too have got a few when kid was a toddler. Flashcard with images are especially attractive for young kids.

  6. Flash cards are something which I have used it when I was studying infact I still use them and my kuds too use them. I just live the concept and I anyways try and make them colorsful as it stimulates brains and helps in remembering things better.

  7. Flashcards do help kids to learn easily. I have used flashcards for my kids and I have seen how fastly they have learned. This helps to improve kids memory

  8. My kiddo enjoys flash cards a lot. it is our all time fav activity to do when we are bored. True that flash cards have some amazing benefits for kids

  9. I think using flash cards with pictures are a great way of making younger kids learn more. This surely helps in improving memory too.

  10. I completely agree that flash cards helps in holistic development of the kids. Especially when we give such a powerful tool for learning at an early age they add an element of curiosity towards so many things,

  11. Flashcards are simple but have a powerful impact on the development of kids. This method of engaging kids and teaching them a thing or two has so many benefits. And at the end of the day it is fun for the parent and the kid.

  12. Flash cards are indeed a wonderful way of teaching young kids. My little one loves learning new concepts with the help of these cards.

  13. I am a big fan of using flash cards while teaching. specially for young kids, it offers great help. it helps in enhancing memory skills and make learning process interesting for kids, as they find it visually appealing.

  14. Kids learn quickly with flashcards. It is a greatest way to learn new thinngs while play. Even I use this method.

  15. Flash cards are a great way to get younger minds interested in learning. They’re colourful and are used extensively in schools and homes too.

  16. Flash cards have been an integral part of my teaching. Kids learn quickly when they see the colorful pictures. More important they don’t realize that they are studying and grasp everything with interest.