Diaper Bag Checklist

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on February 10, 2015

TCT has put together a diaper bag for your little one. now, save time by packing the most essential items. Take a look at our awesome Diaper Bag Checklist.

Purchasing a good (read spacious) diaper bag can be the best deal a mother can make in her entire life! And what is even more important is the stuff that can go in it and how much!! There are times we end up stocking it up with things that are hardly required. The other day we went out grocery shopping. I had to shop for some bakery items so we decided that Ace and Brat H will have some quiet time together. Ace wanted to have a snack and he also thought of feeding Brat H with his mid-meal snack {which in itself is a lovely idea, considering how much time the two of them spend together ;)}. So a brilliant thought it was! I left them in each other’s company. I must have been away for less than 5 minutes that my phone begins to ring. It was Ace, screaming at the top of his voice- “Where the hell is the feeding bib?” That very second, I decided to come back. I knew it would have been really difficult for Ace to have figured it all by himself. I mean an IT professional can have a huge brain but when it comes to handling a hungry baby with his basic feed, now that can be rocket science.

So, yes, coming back to the diaper bag.. the one I have is pretty good. This is my second buy from Bless Me Creation (a Kids furnishing boutique based in South Extension-1). The previous diaper bag from Mom&Me was just about OK. Our new one is a boutique made bag and we like it better.

For the sake of new moms who can get a little worked-up when it comes to figuring out what to pack and what to avoid stuffing in their baby’s diaper bag and for the sake of all our experienced moms who would just like to see if they have got it right, TCT has prepared a checklist.

There are basically 3 things that you must consider before deciding on the items that should go in your child’s diaper bag:

  1. Age of your child
  2. For how long are you planning to stay out
  3. How far are you going

It is always convenient to have a diaper bag with multiple compartments. The bigger the better.Diaper Bag Checklist


#Inside zip

  • Small reading book (if the child can read or for the mother/father to read out)
  • First-aid pouch
  • Breast pads/Nipple shields for nursing mothers
  • Nursing cover

#Side pocket 1 (outside)

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Plastic/Paper bag
  • Feeding bottle with the cover

#Side pocket 2 (outside)

  • Sippy Cup (water/juice)
  • Sunscreen/ Mosquito Patch/ Baby lotion
  • Rattler/ Pacifier/ Other small toys

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