10 Tips For Bathing The Kids During Winter

Adults and children feel lethargic and lazy during the winter season. Right from getting out of bed to doing the smallest of tasks seems like a burden. We just want to lay curled up in the warmth of our beds and blankets. Even as adults, we avoid taking baths when the temperatures fall. How then do you convince your child and ensure that they remain clean and hygienic? Believe me, bathing kids, during winter is not an easy task. Especially if your child is already fussy about taking baths, then this season, that task is going to be like treading on ice (pun intended).

The prospect of going near the water adds to the chills in this chilly season! But, worry not! Here are 10 simple tips to follow for not only making sure that your child takes baths and remains hygienic but also that they look forward to it.

10 Tips to follow while bathing kids during winter:


1. Lukewarm water does the trick

Bathing with cold water is a big no and it would definitely not go down well! So try luring them to clean up with the temptation of a nice warm shower or bath. It will be healthy as well as easy for you to convince them!


2. Keep the change of clothes ready and at a hand’s distance

 Keep your toddler’s pajamas or clothing set out ready and ready to be put on as soon as they are dried off. Avoid the situation where you would be looking around for their clothes while they are turning blue and complaining about the cold.


3. Moisturize them after the bath

 Are you aware of the importance of moisturizer for your baby’s skin? The hot or lukewarm water can help to dry out the skin so moisturizing your child after their bath would be a good call.


4. Fill the bathtub with toys 

 Keep them occupied with bath toys so that bath time can become fun and playtime too and this helps in keeping them in the tub for a while. There are choices aplenty for this ranging from foam letters that stick to the bath sides, to boats and squirters. You can use Bubblebath too. It would be a test treat for them.


5. Wrap them in a warm, hooded towel as soon as they’re out of the bath

 They’re probably gonna start shivering the minute they step out of the bath so cuddle them up in a dry towel quickly. It would be even better if the towel has been warmed on a heated towel rail.

6. Join them in the bath 

 The bath time can be made even more fun if you could join them in it. Play games and play around with the toys, play water tricks, and whatnot. It would be a good bonding time too. Even after bathing, you can be with them for some indoor games so that they stay inside.

7. Cover up their hands and feet too as soon as they’re dressed

They’ll feel cold on their palms and feet and the whole warmth of the hot water bath will fade away if their hands and feet are cold so pop on some socks or slippers on their feet and cover up their palms with mittens too. After all, we feel cold when our hands and feet are cold too. Hence, dressing up properly during winter is the most important.

8. Dry their hair first

If their hair is wet they’ll start shivering right away: So concentrate on drying up your child’s hair first, especially if he/she has long hair. Because wet hair can make them feel cold for longer even after they’ve been dressed up again. You can even use a hooded towel to help dry the hair initially.


9. Keep the oil heater on

Keep the oil heater on and/or sit them near the heater while drying them off and getting them dressed. Sit them or make them stand by a heater while you totally dry them off, But be very vigilant and make sure they don’t get too close to any part of the heater so as they don’t get skin burnt.

10. Keep the doors and windows shut

Keep the doors and windows shut if possible Cold air seeping in through the doors and windows will make them feel cold after the bath so shut them before starting up the bath. 

So try some or all of these tips to win the bath battle and avoid tantrums like ‘No, Mom, it’s so cold!’ as soon as a bath is suggested. Here’s to a happy and healthy win for bathing the kids during winter.

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