Best Baby Proofing Products To Shield Your Baby From Mishaps

Little angels, in phase 1 depend on us to carry them. Now they have turned on their bellies and are in phase 2, beginning to crawl. What a beautiful sight! To see our babies grow and, oh yes, that moment to see them take their first step into phase 3. These are the moments we parents await with our cameras ready, so we can create videos and snap to cherish lifelong. It’s time to baby-proof your house. Have you thought of a strategy? Looked up on the internet to shop for the best baby-proofing products yet?

Baby crawling is an important milestone in your child’s growth and development. Read more to know when and how to achieve this together!

Reality check parents! This is the time when you need to be at the tip of your toes for as long as you would imagine. For a new parent, such as me, I was so drowned in the joy of the coming of my little one, that I neglected these phases. I learned it the hard way. I never realized the importance of baby-proofing products, until I had my baby knock his forehead against the edge of a drawer. 

Let me tell you that phase 2 and 3 is the inquisitive baby age, they are all over the house poking their nose into everything. They gallivant around, and all you see are signs of danger everywhere on all the objects in your home. After the knock-out incident with my baby, I was very guilty and started questioning my motherhood abilities. I wanted to cover my child in bubble wrap paper to protect him, but then my friends recommended ordering R for Rabbits baby-proofing products, which removed all the danger signs from the house.

The appropriate time to use baby-proofing products:

As I mentioned above, from an infant to a toddler, your kids undergo 3 phases. First, when they are dependent on you, second is when they crawl, and third is when they start running at the speed of a bullet.

The moment your child enters phase 2 is the apt time to start using baby-proofing products. Your kid will touch everything, especially things that are out of their reach. They will try pushing their tiny fingers into electric sockets, open draws, and go head straight crawling into edgy furniture. Once they are in phase 3, they will take the first opportunity and dash out of the room or house. Opening taps and playing in the water is their favorite, or just weirdly going and sitting into wardrobes or the Chester draws. Everything needs to be secured with baby safety products.

I want to introduce all parents to a few of the baby-proof products I purchased from R for Rabbit to help my angel grow up in a safer house. R for Rabbit baby safety products has a vast range of products you could choose from, and they are easy to install.

4 Best of the best baby-proofing products to keep your baby safe:

1. Lock up those storage places and babyproof cabinets

I bought the R for Rabbit protector cabinet locks and locked up everything, the refrigerator, Chester drawers, wardrobe, cabinets, kitchen drawers, and television units. I locked them all; places that were within my child’s reach were all secured. What a relief to have baby-proof cabinets all around the house! Now I am at peace without worrying about which cabinet my kid is into or open.

2. Keep little fingers out of electric sockets with protector socket cover guards

Electric sockets are like magnets for your kid’s tiny fingers because you barely look away, and they will zoom up to the sockets and poke their fingers in. It is frightening for us to think of the consequences that are to come. I used R for Rabbits protector socket cover guard (the ultimate baby-proof product) to save my child from mishaps that could cause irreparable damage. 

3. Baby proof edges to prevent the knockouts

Sharp edges and corners could harm your baby leading to bruises or cuts. After enduring such injuries, not only the child, but even the parents feel immense pain. I had experienced it too when my infant banged his forehead, that’s when I bought protector corner cushion guards to baby-proof edges in my house. Now my baby is free to crawl around, and he will not end up with any serious injury.

4. Indoor safety gates and bed rails are a blessing in disguise

This is one of my favorite baby-proofing products ever. As my baby is in the same room as I am, I don’t have to worry about his strolling. The indoor gate can be easily installed on the door frame, and it is very strong, your kid is unable to open the gate let alone exit the room. The safety bed rails work like a high shield preventing your child from rolling off the bed. They are retracting in nature, so all you have to do is install them onto the bed, and when the kid is on the bed, pull up the sturdy bed rails.

I also purchased knee pads for my son, they are baby-proof padding that saves his knees from rough floorings and other injuries. So parents and parents-to-be go ahead and get this R for Rabbit baby safety products and secure your home for your precious child.

Well, this is the story of my baby-proofing products! What’s yours? Share your views in the comments section.

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