My friend’s baby was born with low birth weight. And no, it wasn’t her fault!

If a baby is born with low birth weight, a mother need not blame herself for it! Read on to know what happened to a friend!

A friend of mine just delivered a cute little baby girl. I couldn’t hold my excitement so we rushed to the hospital to congratulate the family. I was dying to hold the little one in my arms. But the minute I entered the room I could sense some tension…baby-born-with-low-borth-weight-01

The baby looked fine. But I could sense some tension between my friend and her husband. After a quick exchange of pleasantries, the husband excused himself. The next second I saw my friend in tears! Yes, typically any mom of a newborn reacts strangely, often with mixed emotions oozing out due to postpartum depression, but this one looked unusual. The reason for her tears was something else.

Her baby was born with low birth weight. I told her this would soon be fine with medical care. Why so much panic and distress? But then she said something which was truly shocking!

My friend told me that her husband was extremely angry because the low birth weight is “all because she didn’t monitor her diet or baby’s health during the pregnancy”. It came as a shock to me. The least one could do at this point was to blame the mom!

A low birth weight baby weighs less than 2.5 kilos at the time of birth. If the baby weighs several grams less than 2.5 kilos, doctors in our country describe him as having an extremely low birth weight or in other words – ‘weak’. In some cases, the baby has to spend a few nights in the NICU. Mostly, this happens because the mother went into premature labor or the baby was born before the due-date.

But how is the mother to be blamed for this?! Continue Reading..





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