Baby Dove Children’s Day Contest Winners Announced!

A mother’s instinct can be very strong and that’s why the majority of mothers know what’s best for their babies. But yet, they do doubt themselves too. Often, seeking information on the internet, or asking around, wondering if what they are doing as a mother is good enough. Information overload is causing mothers to question their decisions.

People associate motherhood with being a perfect mom. There’s so much pressure to do things in a certain way for your child. Baby Dove believes there is no such thing. That’s why the brand doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘perfect mothers.’ Baby Dove believes that mothers know best when it comes to their child. It reassures mothers of the choices they make and asks them to always trust their way.  This ideology is behind the Baby Dove Children’s Day Contest.


Baby Dove Children’s Day contest winners unveiled:

This Children’s Day, we asked our Facebook audience to share their experience with us. They were asked to reveal how they ensure their baby gets the best possible care. Five best entries that have won exciting gift hampers from Baby Dove are:

1. Rakhi Mangala Parsai

#trustourway #BabyDove Well being a mum I believe loving the child most is the best way to ensure the baby is cared and loved enough. However, if I have to talk about one tip- then it’s hugs. Hugging my daughter as many times as possible to ensure that she gets best care.

2. Abha Sharma Joshi

#trustourway #Babydove One tip that I believe is the best way to ensure the baby is cared and loved enough is communicating with him. We both read books together and I tell him a lot of stories making our bond all the more stronger.

3. Chinki Aggarwal Bihani

From the second my lil handsome is awake till he cuddles and dozes off I guess all I do is care..but i think my way to make him feel cared for is when I give him my time and it giving him massage, bathing him, cooking meals for him, sorting his laundry, nursing him, playing with him while he crawls, making sure he pees in the bathroom before he wets his cotton basically giving him all the time and patience I have is my way of giving him ultimate care and happiness #trustyourway #Babydove

4. Vani Khurana Chani

Every mother takes the best possible care of her baby.. there is no right and wrong here.. a small tip that i have and i always follow is- using warm water and cotton to clean my baby’s diaper area and ensuring that he is absolutely dry before the next diaper is put on him.. touchwood my baby has never gone through a severe diaper rash.. #trustourway #babydove

5. Kshiti Maheshwari

#trustourway just to think about my 1 year and 3 months old munchkin fills me with feelings of love and care…being with her the maximum I can even when I work…plucking flowers with her, giggling with her, showing her animals of what she is really fond of and experiencing that happiness on her face makes me feel awesome! #babydove giving her a warm oil massage on in winters before she sleeps and hugging and kissing her all thru I definitely one of the best care I can do!

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  • In order to qualify, the participants were asked to use hashtags (#trustyourway and #BabyDove) in their comments. They were also supposed to meet other guidelines such as- ‘like the post’ and ‘shared it on their Facebook wall’.
  • The Facebook contest was amplified using other social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter)

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