8 Awesome Father’s Day Art And Craft Gifting Ideas

This Father’s Day, gift your dad a special something. A personalized gift that shows how much you love and care for him. Maybe a photo-frame that is as solid as a rock like daddy, or perhaps a funky tee that is sure to look cool on him. A funny tie? Or how about your baby’s hand-printed coffee mug/beer glass? When was the last time you decorated for Father’s Day? Never? Why don’t you do it this year? Make a card that can also serve the purpose of a really cool Father’s Day decor.

The images are self-explanatory, however, for more details, you can click on the links given under ‘image source’.

No-ordinary Father’s Day art and craft gifting ideas, tiny hands can make with very little help from moms:

1. I love you much hands

Fathers Day gifting ideas 01

2. Funny tie

Fathers Day gifting ideas 02

3. Toddler art tee shirt

Fathers Day gifting ideas 03

4. I love you with all my heart frame

Fathers Day gifting ideas 04

5. You rock picture frame

Fathers Day gifting ideas 05

6. Daddy is the king of the grill – Food tray

Fathers Day gifting ideas 06

7. DIY dad’s mug

Fathers Day gifting ideas 07

8. Happy Father’s Day decoration-cum-greeting card

Fathers Day gifting ideas 08

So, which one of these ideas got your little one’s attention? Do share what was finally made in the comments or email at [email protected] and win yourself a chance to get featured!

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