How to Dress Your Newborn for Their First Lohri

The festival of Lohri is pretty significant up North. It is the first celebration at the onset of the new year. According to the Hindu calendar and is celebrated with great pomp and show. From the bonfire, Lohri special songs, delicious food to Punjabi dhol dance, this festival has a lot to offer. Are you looking for ways to keep your baby all warm and cozy in his best outfit to celebrate Lohri? You can dress your newborn in a cute attire while he stays warm. Yes, it is possible!

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The first Lohri of a baby is a very special occasion for new parents. A grand celebration is planned, where all close relatives and friends are invited. The baby is showered with blessings and lots of gifts. If it is your little one’s first Lohri and you are confused about their attire then look no further.

Dress your Newborn Keeping these Weather-smart Tips in Mind:

1. Traditional sherwani (comfortable fabric) for baby boys

Traditional Indian attire is your best bet when it comes to the Lohri celebration. If you have been blessed with a baby boy who is between 9 months and over, then get a silk sherwani. Just make sure the fabric of the sherwani is soft to avoid any kind of rash on your baby’s delicate skin. Colors like beige, red, and orange look really festive. For this age, it needs to be tailor-made.dress your newborn 02

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2. Pink/Orange lehenga for baby girls

If you have a baby girl, then you can go for a lehenga or a Punjabi suit in silk fabric. An outfit in the combination of red, pink, and orange will glam up your little doll instantly. Thanks to online shopping portals, you have a huge variety of traditional outfits available just a click away. Just hunt around a little and you will surely find the best traditional attire for your baby. dress your newborn 03

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3. Layering, please

Since you will be celebrating Lohri outdoors, you have to be very careful while dressing your baby. It would be a great idea to dress them in layers as it helps in trapping heat. As a new mom, it is natural for you to get worried about the chilly weather, but please do not go overboard with layering. Actually, you can make your baby wear the same number of layers that you will be wearing, (plus one). Your baby should be completely covered from head to toe.

4. Don’t forget the winter clothing accessories

Mittens, caps, and thick socks are a must for your baby. Once your little one is all set for their Lohri party, wrap them up in a light blanket. It is important to keep your baby warm and cozy but beware of overlayer in.dress your newborn 05

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5. Be careful of over-layering

Too many layers of clothing can cause overheating and pose a risk of (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So, once you are done with the bonfire and your baby is indoor, dress your newborn for night-time by removing a layer of clothing.

Dressing Tip for Moms:

Now that you have all the ideas, I am sure you are all set for your little one’s grand Lohri celebration. Do remember it is your first Lohri too as a mommy. So, you also have to glam up for the big Lohri bash, and all you need is a silk saree. Pair it with polki jewellery and some light shimmer makeup to go with it. Wishing you and your family a happy Lohri.

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