Top Baby Names of 2015

The Champa Tree simplifies the life of expecting & new parents. Here are the top baby names of 2015.  The baby-naming trend is expected to take a more creative turn this year. Have fun! 

Choosing an ideal name for your baby can be quite a task. For us, I mean for me and Ace it was a perplexing experience. We followed the Indian tradition of choosing the name as per Brat H’s (that’s short for Harshal :)) birth chart. We didn’t have a lot of options. But, a lot of parents these days don’t follow that custom much and hence, they have a lot of options to choose from. Either way, it gets really tough to pick a unique name for your little one. Besides, a lot of factors such as culture, background, religion, cinema, and lifestyle lead to different trends of baby naming. The Year 2014 saw parents getting inspired by names based on meaning and purpose. 

Letter ‘A’ is considered auspicious in numerology, astrology and in various religions, as the result year, 2014 saw a norm with Indian baby names starting with letter ‘Aa’ such as (Girl: Aadhya, Aanya, Aahana, Aaradhya, Aarohi, and Boy: Aayush, Aadit, Aarav, and Aadi). With every passing year a new trend picks up and new parents are left even more confused. For this New Year, baby-naming trends shall be inspired by nature, even though, the majority of parents will prefer Arabic names which are short, but even long names are going to be pretty fashionable in 2015.

While you are doing your bit of research and compiling names, here is a list of various ideas that can come handy and further help you narrow down your search. Now creating a unique name for your cute little one has been simplified.

For 2015, Take a Look To New Baby Naming Trends

Add a Suffix

Traditional baby boy names can get a modern twist by adding suffixes such as ‘Ansh’ and ‘Aditya’, which are also used as names on their own. Some examples are- Devansh, Shivansh, Dhruvansh, Vivaansh, Reyanshaditya, and Arjunaditya.

Symbolic Names

Names inspired by Hindu goddesses such as goddess Laxmi and Durga, and mythology remain popular due to their symbolic meaning. Some examples of baby girl names are- Adhya, Saanvi, Maryam, Siya and Sarah; and for Boys are- Atharv, Sai, Krishna, Gautam, Dev, Isaac, Siddharth, Om Mohammed, and Arjun.

Virtuous Meaning

Instead of going the traditional way and choosing a name inspired by religion or mythology, you can also give your child a more secular name with focus only on the meaning. Some examples of baby girl names are- Ananya, Aanya, Anika, Myra and Prisha; and for Boys are- Advaith, Shaurya, Aarav, Aryan, Advik, and Sathvik.

Unique and Creative Spellings

One of the latest baby-naming trends that will catch up in the coming years is to spell your baby’s name in a unique way. Numerological additions and deletions of letters in the name are being done to increase the luck. Some examples of baby girl names are- Alia (Aliyah, Alliea, Aleeya), Anika (Anika, Anica, Annika) and Riya (Rhea, Rea, Reeya); and for Boys are- Kiaan (Kian, Keyan, Kiyan), Kabir (Kabeer, Kabir)and Reyansh (Hreyansh, Riyansh)

Global Names

New-age parents that settle abroad or travel a lot are increasingly choosing names that are short, easy to pronounce and have a global appeal. Some popular western baby girl names are- Hazel, Sophie, Natasha, Noorie, Jenny, Zoey, Olivia, Evelyn and Felicia; and for Boys are- Ram, Hiral, Joy, Harry, Ethan, Jason, Alexander, Jackson and Dominic.

Here Are Some Books Dedicated To Modern Baby Names

1. Modern Baby Names: For A New India by Radhika Dogra Swarup

2. Baby Names for the New Generation by Pamela Samuelson Albry Montalbano

3. A to Z of Indian Baby Boy & Girls Names by Melissa Russell

4. 10000 Selected Baby Names by Dr. Rajeev Sharma

5. The Penguin Book of Hindu Names by Maneka Gandhi

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 3, 2015

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