20 Best baby names starting with letter R

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on September 23, 2015

Take a look at 20 best baby names for a baby boy and a girl starting with letter ‘R’!

Have you already set up a nursery? Your due date is around the corner? All the newborn baby shopping has been done? If the answers to all these questions is a big YES, then we are certain that you must have already decided the name for your little prince or/and princess! Not yet? Don’t you worry at all! Finalizing a name for your newborn can be a task (and fun too). Especially if you are looking for one starting with a specific letter. And afterall, this one name will become the identity of your child. This one name shall stay with him/her for the rest of his/her whole life. So, in order to take the stress off your mind, The Champa Tree brings to you a list of top baby names for a boy and a girl. Select from these options that are traditional as well as modern:Best baby names 1

Top Baby Boy Names

(meaning has been mentioned against each name)

Raben- King of all

Rahal- Attachment

Rahan- Big (heart-ed)

Rasik- Connoisseur (lover of fine things)

Ratul- Sweet

Raul- Versatile

Raven- A bird

Ravit- The Sun

Renit- Victory

Revant- Son of Lord Surya

Revanth- Horse Rider

Reyaan/ Reyan- Fame

Reyansh- Vishnus Ansh

Rian- Kingly

Ridan/ Ridhaan- Searcher/Explorer

Ridit- World Known

Rihan/Rihaan- Destroyer of enemies

Rikin- Glory

Rishaan- Lord Shiva

Riyaarth- Lord BrahmaBest baby names 2

Top Baby Girl Names

(meaning has been mentioned against each name)

Raaida- The one who leads

Raawiya- The one who is a transmitter of Ancient Arabic poetry

Rabeea- Garden OR Rabia- The one who is famous/Godly

Radhana- Speech

Radhiyaa- The one who is content

Ramani- A pretty girl

Ramra- Splendor

Raniya- Gazing

Rashmika- A beam of light

Rasika- Connoisseur (lover of fine things in life)

Ravati- A mythical princess

Raya- Flow

Rehana- A sweet smelling plant

Renika- Song

Reva- Goddess Durga

Rhea/Rhia/ Ria- Singer

Rochi- Light

Rouble- Money

Rubaina- Bright

Ryka- Born out of a prayer


If you have more names to add to this list, feel free to leave them in our comment section. Also, let us know which one was your favorite from our suggested list 🙂


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