Indian unique baby names starting with letter A and Aa

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on May 23, 2015

As a part of the Baby Name series, TCT brings to you a comprehensive list of modern and unique baby names with their name meanings. Take a look at Indian best baby names starting with alphabet A and Aa. Also, take a quick look at the personality traits related to these unique baby names.

The most difficult yet exciting task for would-be parents or new parents is the process of finding top and unique baby names for your little ones. We as parents are always on a lookout for top baby boy names and top baby girl names which gives them a unique identity in this world. This name will stay with your little one throughout his/her life as they grow up to become an adult. Every name has a meaning and parents select a name after careful consideration. Particularly in India, it is believed that a baby name has a considerable effect on the child’s personality and development.Indian baby names 01

Today, TCT would like to share a list of modern as well as traditional yet meaningful unique baby names that are trending this year. As a part of the series, we are starting from Hindi letter ‘A’ and ‘Aa’. Much like the meaning of the name, the starting letter is also believed to have its own distinct personality characteristics. The letter ‘A’ is considered as one of the most dominant letters of the alphabet. It is considered auspicious in numerology, astrology and in various religions.Indian baby names 02

Those with their baby names starting with this letter are independent individuals and lead the way. They are motivators, leaders, teachers, researchers and idealistic visionaries. They are bold, courageous and confident in nature.

Here is the name chart with their name meanings.

Baby names starting with letter A
Top baby boy names with letter A Top baby girl names with letter A
Abay Father of a multitude Areen Full of Joy
Atharv Lord Ganesh Abhira A cowherd
Ayaan Religiously inclined, Godgift Abhithi Fearlessness
Aniket Homeless, Lord Shiva Achira Very short
Amay Lord Ganesh Acira Brief, Swift, Fast
Aryash Brilliant Adhira Lightning
Achit Separation of newborn’s hair Amrusha Sudden
Avyan Perfect Aditha The first root
Aatish Lord Ganesh, Fire Aditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi
Advik Unique Adrika Celestial
Amey Lord Ganesh Advaita Union of matter and soul
Aneek Lord Ganesh Aboli The name of a flower
Arush First Ray of Sun Advika Unique
Arnav Ocean, Sea, Stream, Wave Adya First, Unparalleled
Anvit One who bridges the gap Anuva Knowledge
Aboil Name of a flower Ahana Inner light
Adhyan Name of a prophet Ahina Strength
Ashrith God of wealth, Protector Aishi God’s gift
Aarsh Crown Aishna Desire, Wish
Anmay Unbreakable Aja Unborn, One who is self existent
Abhav Lord Shiva Ajia Power
Akshaj Lord Vishnu Akhira Splendid or elegant
Ahaan Morning glory, First ray of light Akira Graceful strength
Anvay Integration Akita Bad
Aarshin Pious Amani Wishes, Aspirations
Ayan God gift Aksa Soul
Advay Unique Aksha God’s blessing
Anay Radha’s husband Akshai Goddess Parvati
Agrim Leader, First Akshi Existence
Aviraj To shine as bright as the Sun Akuti Princess
Anvit One who bridges gap Alaina Dear child
Ayog Auspicious time Aloki Brightness
Anishk A person who has no enemy Amaya Night rain
Anik Soldier Amika Friendly


Baby names starting with letter Aa
Top baby boy names with letter Aa Top baby girl names with letter Aa
Aabhas The sense Aadhira The Moon
Aabir Gulal Aavani First month of Tamil calendar
Aadhav Ruler Aadanya Suggest meaning
Aadhish King Aadhya First power
Aadi First, Most important Aadita From the beginning
Aadit Peak Aadvika Unique
Aadith Lord of Sun Aadya Goddess Durga; the Initial reality
Aaditva The Sun Aahna Exist
Aadvay Unique Aakarsha Above everybody
Aadvik Unique Aamani Spring season
Aagam Coming, Arrival Aamaya Night rain
Aahaan Morning Aanavi Kind to people
Aahan Dawn, Sunrise Aangi Decorating the God
Aahil Prince Aanya Gracious
Aahnik Prayer Aaoka Lustrous
Aahva Beloved Aapti Fulfilment
Aalam The whole world Aara Light bringer
Aalap Musical Aaravi Peace
Aalekh Picture or painting Aarin Mountain strength
Aan The Sun Aarna Goddess Laxmi
Aanav Humane Aarohi A musical tune
Aabhra Cloud Aarvi Peace
Aangat Colorful Aashika Lovable
Aanick Suggest meaning Aashirya From the land of God
Aapt Trustworthy Aashka Blessing
Aaradhy Worshipped Aashna Beloved, Devoted to Love
Aarav Peaceful Aashni Lightning
Aariket Against desire Aashvi Blessed and victorious
Aarish Ray of Sun Aasia Hopeful
Aarit Seeks the right direction Aasmi I am
Aariv King of wisdom Aasra King of fame
Aarush First ray of Sun Aasya Dance by Goddess Parvati
Aaryav Noble person Aathi Arranger or adjuster
Aarth Meaningful Aayana The mirror


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