Did You Know Facts – May Baby

Childbirth itself is the surprising magic of nature. Humans are still not able to find out all the little secrets about childbirth. Different babies born in different months weigh differently. Did you know this strange May baby fact?

Did you know facts #10 – My baby:

Did You Know Facts - May Baby

Babies born in May usually weigh on average 200 grams more than babies born in other months.

We are as surprised as you on hearing this strange fact. What kind of magic is this? What has a month got to do with the baby’s weight? Apparently, it is a general international fact that has been going rounds and has come true in the case of countries with winter in Feb- March period. The reason is that winter is the time when we eat more. Maybe a human hibernation time. Hence, due to low body temperature and high-calorie intake, babies born in May tend to gain weight as the last rimester of their mommy’s pregnancy falls during the winter.

This is the only sensible scientific explanation that we could relate to this fact. It doesn’t mean that the kids born in May would be obese. Just that kids would weigh a little more.

Have you heard about this before?

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Information source: Facts Random History

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    1. So, in my opinion, It has definitely got to do something with the holiday season (which sort of coincides with the second trimester). It is believed that a baby usually puts on weight after 22 weeks of pregnancy. .mother’s hog during festivities and if it happens to be winters, then all the more reason for the May baby to put on more weight!! What say?

  1. Do you know if that has to do with the month or the time of the year? And would it apply to the other side of the world as well? May in the northern hemisphere would be late spring in the southern early fall…