The First Few Days Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may seem like a daunting task especially the first few days. New mothers like me, are usually clueless about it. It’s not as easy as it sounds! It took me several days and a lot of effort by me and my near ones to help my baby feed properly. This was just the beginning of it all.

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My first few days of breastfeeding – And things I learned:

1. Latching problems

The first thing I was taught in the hospital after my baby was born was to help the baby latch on properly to be able to feed efficiently. The specialists at the hospital would come time and again and help me with this bit of feeding. One thing that I learned that I wasn’t aware of was that the baby should latch on not just to the nipple but to areola for better suction and to prevent soreness of the nipples.

2. Decreased milk supply

The biggest concern for most breastfeeding mothers is that is my baby’s tummy full or is the baby still hungry? For some, the milk supply may be lesser than others. Don’t worry and don’t get disheartened. Talk to your gynecologist as there are various supplements available in the market that can help increase milk supply. Going by the old wives’ tale, have as much cumin (Jeera) as you can as that increases milk supply. Having milk and then feeding the baby is a tried and tested way that it works to increase milk production. Eating a good diet also works wonders.

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3. Sore nipples

The problems that a mother can have which can trouble them the most while breastfeeding is sore nipples. This can make the task of feeding the baby all the more difficult and indeed very painful. Here’s what I did (As per the advice of my close group of friends), I applied a nipple cream post every feeding session. Most of these creams are harmless to the baby, but I made sure I cleaned the nipples with a damp cotton pad to remove any bits of the cream. If this also doesn’t work for you, there are silicone nipple shields available in the market that can ease this overwhelming task for new moms.

4. Feeding bras and breast pads

Feeding bras and breast pads have been my best friend during my breastfeeding time. It makes it a little less embarrassing especially when you have people around and you have to feed your baby. Breast pads ensure no public embarrassments of leaking breasts.

Dr. Charu Kalra’s advice for breastfeeding moms during COVID-19 pandemic

Though breastfeeding may sound easy, however, it can take a toll on you at times. Be patient and everything will be just fine. Hope my advice will also give you the encouragement to keep feeding your baby!

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