Top Modern Baby Boy And Girl Names Of 2020

Just before we say goodbye to yet another year, here are a few unique baby names to consider if your baby is expected anytime this month or the month after! Finding the right baby names for girls or top baby boy names can be quite a task. Afterall, the one final name you shortlist becomes the identity of your little one for his/her life. While, some parents are looking for traditional baby names, there are other who are rather keen on trending baby names. Therefore, for the sake of your convenience, The Champa Tree brings to you a comprehensive list of cute girl names and top baby boy names, all modern, a few of Arabic origin as well. Top baby names of 2015 05

So, check out top modern baby names and stay blessed 🙂

Top baby girl names of 2020

(Name meanings mentioned against each)

Aaruni- Dawn

Aarya/Arya- Goddess Durga/Godess Parviti

Abeer- Fragrance

Aida- Visiting

Aini- Spring

Alia- Highest Social Standing

Ava- Voice

Bani- Words

Bhavi- Emotional

Cyra- Moon

Daania- Beautiful

Dahab- Gold

Daneen- Princess

Dhriti- Patience

Dia- Lamp

Dora- A gift

Eda- Wealthy

Eedha- Sacred

Eiliyah- The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with god

Falaq- Break of dawn

Fanan- Tree branch/fig

Gina- Silvery

Gulika- Pearl

Hrishita- Happy

Inaaya- Empathy

Ishya- Spring

Jiya- Sweetheart

Kaira- Pure

Kashvi- Glowing

Keya- Flower

Kimaya- Divine

Maahi- Great Earth

Mannat- Special prayer

Myra- Myrrh

Navya- New

Neysa- Pure

Oma- Life Giver

Riya- Singer

Runa/Roona- Old Norse

Saira- Beautiful

Samaira- Enchanting

Samiya- Elevated

Sanya- Born on Saturday

Siya- Sita

Virika- Bravery

Taneesha- Ambition

Tanya- Of the family

Tiya- A bird

Zara- Little

Zoon- MoonTop baby names of 2015 06

Top baby boy names of 2020

(Name meanings mentioned against each)

Aarush: The first ray if winter sun

Aadi: First

Aadit: Lord of sun

Adviq: Unique

Bhav: Lord Shiva

Bhavya: Grand

Daivya: Divine

Darsh: Handsome

Dhruv: The pole star

Divit: Immortal

Eshan: Lord Shiva

Hardik: Affectionate

Harshal: The one how gives joy

Ivaan: Ruler

Kiaan: King

Lakshit: Targeted

Nirav: Silent

Reyansh: Ray of light

Ranbir: The brave warrior

Rohan: Ascending

Samar: To talk in the evening

Shlok: Hymn

Shray: Credit

Shreyas: Good

Vihaan: Morning/Dawn

Vivaan: Full of  life

So, which one was your favorite from the list of modern baby names? If you have any new names to suggest, feel free to share the same in our comments section

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