7 funny and inspirational quotes for Rakhi

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on August 28, 2015

Take a look at 7 funny and inspirational quotes on brother-sister bond. Stay calm! Afterall, it’s Raksha Bandhan

Tomorrow happens to be Rakhi, an important Indian festival which is all about a sister tying a rakhi (sacred thread with fancy embellishments) on her brother’s wrist. Rakhi (aka Raksha Bandhan) is celebrated in a lot of other parts of the world too. The rationale behind tying a rakhi or celebrating this festival is to not just remind each other of the hatred love they have for each other but is also a way of getting freebies (free gifts! Yipee). And if a brother happens to be unemployed, underpaid or a miser, then in all probabilities, he is going to be asking the parents for money to buy a gift, or perhaps, he takes a loan from friends. Phew! What a pressure. Besides, on this day, the sister prays for her brother’s well-being (Ah! Well, she does so every day without fail but today she actually prays an extra hard for all the goodies she gets should be worth all the prayers, you see).

Oh! And also, today, the sister wears the best outfit and wears a lot more makeup because she gets to flaunt it all. I mean, imagine, all the cousins she loathes and envies and is jealous of are going to get-together under one-roof.. Today is the day when she can show-off her latest purchase and her favorite wardrobe.

OK! I can’t get nastier than this, so let these truly inspiring quotes do rest of the job 😉

Hope these thoughts justify the day that observes the bond of love. 

Funny Inspirational Quotes 01

Funny Inspirational Quotes 02

Funny Inspirational Quotes 03

Funny Inspirational Quotes 04

Funny Inspirational Quotes 05

Funny Inspirational Quotes 07

Funny Inspirational Quotes 06


Happy Raksha Bandhan Folks, Brothers and Family! Celebrate in style 🙂

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t intend to make fun of anyone’s emotions. It also doesn’t mock the rituals of this festival. Infact, Rakhi happens to be the writer’s favorite festival. 

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