Top 18 new-mom Mehndi designs to sport this wedding season

by Udita Saklani

Expert 04Looking for some last-minute mehndi design ideas for this wedding season? Look no further! Here are best-of-the-best designs for busy moms

It is the last month of 2017, and it is the most auspicious month as per the Hindu calendar to get hitched. In India, December can very well be said to be synonymous with the ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ and some lip-smacking food. For the ladies, it is the season of dressing up, heading to parlors for that much-needed spa and mehndi sessions. Mehndi is an important part of Indian weddings, be it the bride or the extended family. Almost all festivals in India are associated with endless henna mom mehndi designs 01

These days you can also find many women sporting henna tattoos with great élan. So, if you are a mom and are planning to go to one of these weddings, we bring to you top 4 broad categories of new mehndi designs which are not worth a miss this wedding season.

1. Moroccan Mehndi design:

Moroccan mehndi designs are the latest fashion trend these days. If you are kind of bored with the regular mehndi designs then Moroccan mehndi is for you. The design basically consists of simple geometric shapes which revolve around modern contemporary mom mehndi designs 02

2. Glitter Mehndi design:

Another mehndi design which has been doing the wedding rounds this season is the glitter mehndi. In this kind of design, glitters and the colored sequence is used to highlight the beautiful intricacies of the Mehndi.

3. Colored Mehndi:

Looking to accessorize your mehndi with your outfit? Well, then look no further and get set to adorn the colored mehndi. There is a wide array of colors available which will be in sync with your sarees or lehengas. Colour infused henna just adds that perfect zing to the usual green henna which turns black after drying up.

4. Wooden Mehndi stamp:

With a baby who is just a few weeks old, you might find it difficult to wait for the henna to dry up and actually dedicate that much time for the henna design to come up. Also, if you are rushing to the wedding destination at the last minute, then wooden mehndi stamps will prove as a boon for you. There are a wide variety of wooden blocks available in the market to choose from. The best part of this kind is that the color or the die dries up pretty soon, which is a complete relief if we compare it to the hassles associated with the traditional mehndi.



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