6 Baby products no mom can ever live without

by Ila Asthana

Expert 04Mommies! Scroll down to know the top six must-have baby products you should own

When you are expecting, the whole world around you would look and feel like a fantasy world. You would want to jump into a kid store frequently and buy every product available in the store and why not? After all, it’s your bundle of joy. But, pause for a second before investing in this huge list of products which you might just end up in the corner of the house or a beautiful showpiece for the shelf. So are you confused about what to buy and what not to? You questioned and we have answered. Presenting to the top six baby products which no mom can ever live without and it would be useful right from your journey in the hospital till your child grows up to three to four years.Baby Products 01

You go to a baby shop nearby, you will see an endless variety of products featuring different brands and functionalities. So as a mother-to-be, it is very obvious to be excited as well as tempted to buy them. But, halt and think. Question the usability of the product which you are going to buy. Scroll down to know the top six must-have baby products in your cart.

1. Diaper Bag:

Forget the traditional diaper bag. Now the market has fully equipped travel diaper bag which can be carried like a backpack. With lots of compartments and storage capacity, diaper bags allow you to carry not only your child’s necessary items but also carry a spare kind of stuff for the mothers. You can fit everything into one and happily travel around. These diaper bags are always machine washable and can be handled very easily. Besides, you also have insulated bottle pockets to keep the milk or water warm. So with such varied facilities, do add this to your baby shopping cart.Baby Products 02

2. Nursing Pillow:

Yes, Nursing pillow is inevitable on your list. A nursing pillow is one of the most useful products created by the companies. Pick a nursing pillow which is comfortable for the baby to latch and as well as gives the right posture for you while breastfeeding. If this is not right, you might end up having a back or neck pain. They are also useful while traveling on a plane. Make sure it is compact and easy to carry around.

3. Cloth Diapers:

A great absorbent, easily washable, no trash, budget-friendly and cost-effective and long-lasting. Cloth diapers are the most preferred by the mommies as it does not cause any rashes for the child, even when worn for long hours. Healthy and comfortable for the baby. Why not pick this one?

4. Bouncer:

A bouncer is one other product which every mother recommends to a mother-to-be. Keeping your child occupied so that you take care of the rest of the chores is very essential. Bouncers are a great utility product which gives the reflection and feel of being in the mother’s womb. You can have an eye on your baby while you are in the kitchen, as the modern bouncers have monitors which track the activities of the child, plays lullabies and has hanging toys to it, which keeps the baby entertained and occupied. These bouncers are also easily foldable and moveable. So you can take it anywhere you wish to. Definitely worth an investment!

5. Baby Sling:

Get a baby sling and you can roam around with your baby anywhere and everywhere. It’s an interesting idea to use baby slings and handle the multiple functions, apart from taking care of the baby. The best part is even the baby feels comfortable and it does calm a fussy baby. The market is filled with a huge variety of slings and carriers. Try and check out which one would fit your taste.

6. Baby Pram:

A baby pram is a great and necessary investment which you will use it relentlessly in your daily life. This is an expense would be of a great benefit for the parents. Right from grocery shopping to taking your child to the park or the shopping mall, this is extremely valuable. The recent time’s prams are easily foldable and portable, hence you can take it in a car, train or airplane. You also have monitors which help to know whether the baby is sleeping or awake and a covering shade to protect the child from the sun or rain. With its diverse usage, why not pick one of your choices?

Besides this top six important baby products which are unavoidable from a baby shopping cart, there are a few other items such as breast pump, Nose Frida, lactation massager, detachable baby seat, travel chair etc., which you can buy as and when it’s desirable. Every parent wants to give the best of the things of this world to comfort their child. You are one among those parents. Yet, spending wisely as per the necessity and taking the right decision is the key.

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