5 Minute Craft Work With Paper Folding – Accordion Snake

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I hope you, your little, and loved ones are doing well. Last week was an ode to all the folktales and stories I heard from my grandparents. The same tales have been passed on to yet another generation. Did you try making the most important crops when enacting king and queen stories? The sword and lovely (multi-purpose) crown? Well, never mind if you didn’t. You can click here and check out the step-by-step tutorials brought to you by My Art For Life. Today, we are involving tiny hands in craft work with paper folding. This cute paper accordion snake is an easy paper craft that will give your child great fine motor skills workout.

Some of you might revisit your nostalgia. This craft work with paper folding is truly worth playing snake-snake with your family. You could also pull a prank or two and scare your family members.

So, are we ready? This easy paper craft needs nothing but a few colored sheets, ruler, sketch pens/crayons. The glue stick is purely optional. Yellow or green, red or black, you better not be afraid of them because every time you’ll see this easy paper craft work, just imagine it is slithering away to hide or sun baking happily on a rock and minding its own business.

Here we go, a video tutorial of craft work with paper folding – Paper accordion snake

Stay safe and show us how your snake’s looking!

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