5 Minute Craft Work With Paper Folding – Accordion Snake

Don’t you like it when your little one is busy so that you can do what you want to or have to? We have already discussed a lot about what kids can do, you can get them to learn something new, you can engage them with different games, or you can plan the day so that every family member is taking turns handling kids. When you have exhausted all the options here is another one. Craft work with paper folding has been around for ages. 

During our childhood, schools would organize such activities. In some schools, till class fifth, there are separate craft sessions. Apart from building a child’s creative skills and keeping them busy and patient, craftwork also helps build motor skills. Motor skills could be broadly classified as coordination between muscles and the ability of a person to coordinate movement.

First one on the list is paper accordion:

To give you an easy start, here is a video. Just so you can get the fingers moving. Paper accordion is an easy craft work with paper. (In collaboration with My Art for Life).

Wall hanging craft with paper

Here is another easy one, and this is one that you would enjoy too. Lately, wall hanging historic masks have been in demand. So instead of spending money, you can spend get your kid to create some unique masks for the wall. 


Paper swords and hats: 

In some other world and other time, I would have said that this craft work with paper would be for the little mischievous boys, but with the wonder woman gaining momentum, you can hold our little princess back. So, here goes, forever and beyond. 


Fish and bird:

Now the next one in line are the little birdies and cutie fishes. If you were planning to decorate your kids room, then bird and fish craft work with paper models could be used on the jungle and underwater theme. 


Paper flowers:

With flowers, once you teach your kid how to make them, you can get a new center piece for the dinning and coffee table. Teach your kid this easy craft work with paper, and have them create a new one every day for the tables. 


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