Hey Cloudy Envisions To Provide Online Stories For Kids To Read

There was a time when kids grew up listening to grandmas’ stories. The innocence and novelty of the characters, with the morals attached to each story, have inculcated several values in the subconscious minds. The boom of gadgets and social media and the surge in nuclear families saw an unprecedented dip in human interactions, thereby a rapid hike in the screentime. Chitman Kaur, the founder of HeyCloudy, decided to revive the art of storytelling. She applied the combination of technology and the art of storytelling (based on her old memories) to introduce that charm to Gen Z. She certainly found a way to encourage kids to take a pause from their daily screentime conundrum. This seed of thought, this very action gave birth to a storytelling app for kids. HeyCloudy – it’s a platform that offers online stories for kids to read.

Chitman Kaur – Founder of HeyCloudy

HeyCloudy – Storytelling app for kids:

HeyCloudy is a storytelling app curated with the idea of reducing screen time for kids. This unique idea is what makes it an ideal #VocalforLocal venture.

A little bit about your inspiration behind starting the business/venture?

HeyCloudy was started with a simple vision that children around the world should “listen” to stories rather than watch them. Growing up, listening to stories has been a very vital part of my life. I believe that children around the world should grow up hearing stories. Apart from stories, the app has tons of riddles, facts, funny listening bytes for young children to help them imagine, have fun and keep giggling

Online stories for kids to read - The stories

HeyCloudy is the listening buddy of the child 🙂 

How has COVID-19 affected your business and what do you think lies for your brand in the future?

Given that we are a digital brand, COVID-19 did not impact us. However, we see a change in parents’ mindset that raising children without the support of videos is not possible. We want them to know that raising children without a screen is possible by using thoughtfully crafted products like HeyCloudy that engage and yet helps the build curiosity and imagination of our little ones…   

What’s one piece of advice you would give to budding local businesses?

Stay true to the reason why you started your venture. 

When Chitman Kaur started HeyCloudy in 2019, it was a humble attempt to enable parents to entertain kids when they listen to the stories and not while gazing at the gadgets. Online stories for kids to read is a revolutionary thought and hence deserve a special approach. If you have a venture that is based on unique and revolutionary ideas or a sustainable venture, you can be our next candidate of #VocalforLocal. Fill in this form to sign up.

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  1. HeyCloudy seems to be a novel app. A tech savvy version of the ancient art and practice of story telling. This is a really very innovative concept which is sure to be a great help to parents and kids alike.