Mouse In The House Offers The Best Handmade Night Suits For Kids

The Champa Tree has always been by the side of sustainable and homegrown Indian brands. Our series Vocal for Local has been featuring mompreneurs and dadpreneurs who have cared to follow their dreams that change the way we eat, dress, play, read and breathe! Today we have a mom who had the simplest wish for her kids – having breathable clothes. The seed of the idea sprouted into the renowned kidswear brand Mouse In The House that provides handmade night suits for kids, pajamas for girls and boys, and more. Namta Gala, the founder of Mouse in the House, shares her journey with the readers.

Nightsuits for kids - Namta Gala Founder of Mouse In The House
Namta Gala with her daughters.

The inception of Mouse in the House:

It was summertime and I would see my girls (7 years and 4 years) living with a secret ingredient of simplicity. They would wake up to bright orangey sunlight streaming into the house and also spend their days scampering through the rooms playing cat and mouse. The small character is always outwitting the larger one and they would run around in madness. They just liked to be spontaneous, sometimes spending the whole day making up their own games, never to be played. Hence, the fun was in the process.

We let the kids be:

They would just be themselves. Sometimes I would guide them in play, but then let them explore their own creativity. It was a perfect daydream come true.

Nowhere to go just watch the kids use their imagination. The pantry was the best place in the house. They would also spend their days sleeping and nights gorging on a plentiful supply of delicacies. They were the plumpest, slumbered in the pantry and nibbling into those mangoes when the cat’s away, the mice will play. It was no sooner than I was gone that the thought of being alone so charmed them, impatient to use their liberty they were always set for some adventure. Hubby and I would put the kids to bed, with happy exhausted smiles. A promise that when people change and make you feel small, we will always tuck you into our pockets and feed you cheese

Nightsuits for kids - Kids wearing Mouse In The House clothes
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When they went through their day scampering, hiding, slumbering, fitting in perfect clothing for a perfect summer day was just the most important thing.

The only role I had to play was to make summertime comfortable with soft and breathable night suits for kids . This is where we conceived the idea of Mouse In The House.

Coping with COVID-19 scenario:

We quickly adapted and changed our business communication to the current situation because our products are the need of the hour.

The child can spend a complete day in our all-day wear as they are comfortable and breathable.

Namta Gala – Founder of Mouse In The House

The future of the brand lies in creating this perception in the minds of the consumers that our premium cotton night suits for kids are most suitable for kids from playtime to nighttime, from indoors to outdoors.

Advice to budding local businesses:

To be local is to go to the grassroots, to provide support to a community or craft. If a brand is able to support this before thinking about its own profits then it is creating a greater value both in the minds of the consumer and for reviving and supporting the craft and craftsmen.

Namta Gala loves nature and her love for nature has been driving her to start the dream venture. Check out Mouse in the House for breathable cotton handmade night suits for kids, pajamas for boys and girls, and more for your little ones.

Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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