Kunkuma- A Sustained Legacy Of Handmade Soaps And Products

Kunkuma deals in handcrafted and hand-painted wooden trays, coasters, tissue boxes, tea boxes, organic handmade soaps, and many other home decor products. They also offer customized handmade gifts to suit your occasion wedding giveaways. Contributing to preserving nature by providing 100% organic and handcrafted biodegradable products has reserved a spot in The Champa Tree’s Vocal for Local initiative.

Handmade Soaps and Products by Kunkuma

The inspiration behind starting our own business:

“We are a group of three friends, who share a common interest in art and artistic, handcrafted products. During the pandemic, our busy lifestyle suddenly came to a standstill. With so much time at hand, we reconnected with our passion for art and learnt many new art forms. We got a few home decor products made, using our paintings. One of us was also into making natural, handmade soaps. We shared our products with family and friends and they all loved our handmade gifts. The positive feedback from them encouraged us to take our passion to another level and we decided to start a small venture thus ‘KUNKUMA’ came to fruition.”

Team Kunkuma
Vibha Goel, Kalpana Singla, and Monica Aggarwal – The founders of Kunkum

Impact of COVID-19 on Kunkuma. What lies in the future of the brand?

We started our venture during the pandemic as life came to a halt for many of us. While exploring different art forms, we came across many artists whose lives had been adversely affected by the pandemic. This motivated us to use their art in our products, thereby supporting each other in the process.

With no rush to go anywhere, we perfected our skills of soap making, using the finest, natural ingredients. We hope to make people aware of traditional Indian art forms as well as the benefits of using natural, handmade products.

Sharing great camaraderie and passion amongst us, we strive to make Kunkuma a sought after and loved brand for all things artistic.

Handcrafted products and Handmade soaps by Kunkuma
Handcrafted products by Kunkuma

Piece of advice to all budding local businesses?

“Pursue your passion and everything else will fall in place”

We firmly believe in this and this is also the core of our brand. We are very passionate about what we are doing. Our work is like meditation to us, bringing so much peace and calm in our lives in spite of it getting chaotic at times.

From our experience, we would say that following your passion and doing your work sincerely, success will gradually follow.

Reach out to Kunkum through their Instagram Page.

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  1. iTS good to know that they are supporting the local artists too through their venture. do we need to DM them on Instagram to p;ace the order?

  2. Great initiative by you in the form of vocal for local blog post series. The best part I like about Kunkuma founders is when they said that they focussed on perfecting the soap making art before hurrying. I always feel excellence always pays.

  3. Consumers are more conscious today and run towards organic and pure products, this is a great niche for artisans and talented people like the founder of Kunkun. Thanks for sharing

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  6. Kunkuma is a great example of a local brand fashioned by organic and sustainable products. We as consumers should always encourage such ventures where products are hand made, natural and organic.

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