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WOW Kiddiez! is a focused on-site premium learning and childcare services, provider. They develop and manage customized best-in-class employer-sponsored early childhood education and daycare centers. Their learning philosophy is based on an emergent curriculum, that builds upon the interests of children and where the child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning space.

Childcare services

In today’s changing scenario, where working parents are constantly trying to strike a work-life balance, it is only fair to ease that pressure off their heads by providing a one-stop-solution that enables them to achieve that balance (without having to deal with a lot). As for corporates, it is extremely important that their employees are happy and productive. 

Employee-friendly solution:

Even though there are employee-friendly solutions available these days, such as flexible work hours, sabbaticals, part-time options but in terms of daycare facilities and childcare help, a big step is especially required. Moreover, with more and more educated and well-qualified women getting out of their homes to discover their potential, it becomes truly essential that they have access to high-quality childcare options.

Let’s face the truth, the older generation of today isn’t really equipped to handle children completely and just the way it may be expected out of them. So, while the couple is at work, there needs to be a secure childcare arrangement. 

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And, that’s where Wow Kiddies! comes to our rescue! In short, Wow Kiddiez! is devoted to providing:

1. Solutions to employer and employees to live and work at their best

2. Holistic development of every child enrolled with them and a commitment to excellence

Besides, the team behind Wow Kiddies! brings along with them a diverse and rich experience in education, child development, research, marketing, and analytics.

Take a look at an online survey that was recently conducted to understand the need for an onsite childcare center. Click here to check out the key findings from the survey.

If you are working in a corporate setup that doesn’t have a premium childcare facility and you feel it to be an important parameter, then do help Wow Kiddiez! team to connect with your HR team or the concerned authority. Click here to go through their partnership proposal.

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