Here Comes Appu – Our New Superhero Friend From The Nursery Rhymes World

It is a well-known fact, proven by various studies over the years that the first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial. These are the formative years is when the child’s mind is at its most active state, willing to learn, explore, create, and discover. These are also the preschool years which is one of the most creative phases in a child’s life. Their mind, drowned in imagination, is unfolding to every new thing that comes their way, and it’s critical that as parents we ensure that creativity remains central to their learning at home or at school while working or at play. 

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Creative learning and development:

It is unfair to the kids if we bind them to pre-set methods of learning. Kids enjoy and respond the most when they are exposed to various creative and interactive options. Free-flowing creative activities can encourage your child’s creative play and boost their learning and development. While your child’s imagination is still developing, music, arts and crafts foster creativity build confidence, and encourage self-expression and decision-making. On the other hand, drama and storytelling give children opportunities to build and practice vocabulary, use imagination, and help in the expression of feelings while learning to communicate.

Meet this superhero:

To help kids with fun and interactive learning, came Appu – the new superhero friend. Appu is a yogic baby elephant with magical powers, which he can use through deep concentration and connection to his spirit family and forest home. Appu is a fantasy character who is a perfect companion to a child. Entertaining, friendly, and educational, Appu through its varied offerings helps kids learn and develop in interesting ways.

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Highly engaging content:

Appu offers a diverse mix for kids to engage and learn from. They cover a wide range of edutainment topics, ranging from nursery rhymes, stories, DIYs, to arts and crafts, and the list is endless. The content comprises an Appu series on the extremely popular YouTube platform which has seen over a billion views. In the series, Appu, along with his friends, including a little girl named Neena, solve problems, learn about the world, and even travel the globe in search of knowledge, adventure, and the joy of friendship. Appu Series runs 14 channels in different Indian languages screening children’s music and animated content which includes top 10s, explanatory videos, and short informative series. 

Appu series also houses the largest library of nursery rhymes, comprising of over 750 rhymes in English and hundreds more in various other languages. In addition, they also create animation comedy and grade-based content, Appu branded merchandise, and much more. The Appu Series merchandise offers an exciting collection of products for kids. Ranging from clothes, toys, games, school supplies, and craft items, the attractive looking items featuring Appu itself delight the kids and also make for a perfect gifting option.

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Looking at the success of the series, and Appu feature film is also on its way. The story revolves around Appu and his Yogic powers that enable him to defeat evil forces. He becomes friends with a little girl named Neena and her pet dog Tiger. Together they explore the world around. Being the perfect charmer, the magical character, and a superhero friend that children believe in, the much-awaited film is sure to be a hit with kids.

Explore, discover, learn:

Keeping in mind their interests, creativity, and learning requirements, the young children’s animated learning platform has been designed to help children find new ways of looking at things. The varied interesting mix of offerings helps develop confidence, language, physical and thinking skills, imagination, and emotional understanding.

The developmental phase of a child is crucial and can impact them for the rest of their lives. Creative content is not only the new-age learning method but also the need of the hour. Exposure to such a diverse way gives children a chance to think critically, practice decision-making, and develop problem-solving skills. The use of sound play, music, dance, and art during the early years let pre-schoolers express all kinds of feelings. What a delight to watch a child have fun as they learn and help them build confidence and focus as they begin their journey of self-discovery.

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  1. This is a new series to me. I will surely check it out for my 4 yr old. I am sure she will enjoy.

  2. Oh I wasnt aware of this series Appu on youtube. This seems so much fun and educational as well. I am sure my two yr old son would love to watch the rhymes and various other things on Appu

  3. Appu is truly amazing! I have watched some parts with my niece and found it really interesting! Will share about this with my friends!

  4. Appu is so endearing ans sure to be a hit with kids. I like this entire approach of learning with fun for kids, and best thing is that it has an Indian setting..