Top 5 Websites For Kids To Learn Code Online

In the 21st Century, we are surrounded by technology. Right from studying online to watching engaging content online and even meeting friends there. In that regard, to learn code online is not a fad but it has become necessary. Teaching coding to kids at a young age will be very profitable for children’s future. It can improve the problem-solving abilities and computational thinking skills of kids.

Nowadays, parents think that teaching coding to their children is very difficult because of the lack of experience. But it is not like that, learning to code is super easy now for every single child. Many courses are available on various sites that teach coding very simply.

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There are many websites for learning to code but, there are only a few websites available that provide valuable content. Now maybe you are wondering which is the best site for your child but mention not, this article will help you to choose the best site for teaching your children to code. Here is the list of Top 5 websites that provide the best online coding courses for kids. Let’s begin.

1. Cedarwood 

The site provides a valuable course named as Young Coders.  They use a popular approach called block-based coding they just don’t jump into starting with typing code. You can know more about it on their website

The knowledge when applied by students they acquired through activities. They are encouraged by teachers to speak up about their steps and they are allowed to suggest their alternative solutions at every step of the way.  By this method, the reasoning is developing in a kid’s mind.

This site is one of the best for online coding courses for kids.

Visit their website for more details

2. Blockly

 Blockly is suitable for 4+ children and it’s completely free. It teaches programming and introduces the kids to JavaScript by using a block-based programming method. Coding is just like puzzles but, in this, you have to connect the pieces of code. Kids would be able to see the puzzle pieces on the screen and, they have to make a software program by completing the puzzle. Kids would be able to drag and drop the pieces of the puzzle to create a sequence code. 

As long as your children can learn, they can easily garner the skills to code. 

So, we can say that Blockly is a simple and straightforward site for learning to code for kids who don’t have any experience in this.

Visit their website for more details at

3. Stencyl

Stencyl is suitable for 6+ aged kids. It’s a free website but it also has some annual subscriptions. It is a game creation software that allows kids to publish their iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux HTML5, and flash games without code. They use a graphical interface to scratch but with the new one functionality. Children can build their worlds and characters and they can also edit it in detail to make it more complex.

The graphics of this site are too kid-friendly and the students who want to learn in advance, for them there is an option to see and edit the text-based questions. It requires a download of software and setup but offers huge support in their forums.

So, Stencyl is a great website for the kids who are interested in learning game development and detail in the design.

4. Studio is for 4-14 years, old kids. It is completely free for every child. It is a nonprofit organization that organizes a special hour of code. For providing their curriculum to schools they also host a website for kids with a series of four courses that teach computer science fundamentals. After completing the course your kids would be able to create interactive games and stories for sharing online and showing their skills.

Their best courses are available at the cost of zero. For more details visit their website

5. Tynker

Tynker is an excellent website best known for its variety of coding courses. The website is suitable for 4-14 years old kids. In the beginning, it provides a sample of coding if you want its advanced features, then you have to buy a monthly subscription. This site is a self-paced programming course for children. It is created for kids to build their apps, games, and as well as learn how to program Minecraft mods. It teaches in both ways Block programming and text-based courses. 

A collection of courses that is related to a popular game Minecraft teaches them about the mods, skins, how to create mods, how kids can build a Multiplayer Minecraft game.

For more details check out their website

So, these were the sites that provide the best online coding courses for kids. I hope that now you can choose the best one for your kids.

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