Quirky rain wear and indoor games for kids

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on July 30, 2015

Let not monsoon dampen you and your child’s spirit. Keep your little one entertained with the best of the best indoor games or let them flaunt their quirky raincoats through the rains!

Monsoon’s are here and quite a few kids brands including our favorite Hamleys has a great stock of products so that the rains don’t stop your children from having fun indoors and if they do go outdoors, we also have some fun and cheery rain gear.

1. Rain Wear and Umbrellas

Hamleys Stephen Joseph rain ponchos themed around butterfly and tiger are so bright and beautiful. My niece simply fell in love with it. She has been flaunting it even when it’s not raining. And if a raincoat is not your baby’s preferred style, then an umbrella themed around Disney Cars/Frozen or Dora and Barbie can be a good buy! These stunning monsoon wear and accessories are available at Hamleys. Price:  399 (INR) onward.

There are a few more options available on Flipkart, take for instance this smart Spiderman umbrella. Oh! And it comes attached with a whistle too. Not just apt during rains but also helpful in keeping sun away completely, besides, it is light weight. Price:  495 (INR).

Indoor games for kids 04
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2. Indoor Games

The options of indoor games I am listing down are not your standard video games or board games but are innovative, fun, activity oriented and encourage creativity in children. And what’s even better is most of these can be enjoyed by their friends and family.

A. The Zoomer Puppy & Dino: The multiple award-winning range of Zoomer toys are popular world over and what’s more, they are now available in India. The ‘Zoomer Puppy’ and the ‘Zoomer Dino’ are available exclusively at a Hamleys store in your city! The ‘Zoomer Dino’ & the ‘Zoomer Puppy’ are interactive robotic toys with optical sensors that respond to hand gestures. While aimed at children aged 5 and up, the toys appeal to everyone (even I found it amusing) making them the perfect toys to be enjoyed by the entire family. Available at Hamleys India store in your city. Price: 9999 (INR).

B. Crayola Magnetic Double Easel: Draw, color, make words and help unleash your kids’ creative side. How? With Crayola 3-in-1 Double Easel. One side features a magnetic dry erase board for drawing pictures, coloring or making word art with the included magnetic letters. The easel’s reverse side has a chalkboard for your little boys and girls to practice their shading skills. Each side can be quickly erased to start a new art project, or it can be put on display for the whole family to enjoy a mini art show. Isn’t that so much fun with learning? Available at Hamleys India store in your city. Price: 7555 (INR).Indoor games for kids 09

C. Hape Happy Grand Piano: Is your little one feeling musical this rainy season? Then, here is a perfect pick for him/her. Happy Grand Piano produces grand sound to accompany its grand appearance. Excellent resonant sound and a stylish appearance. Happy Grand Piano has a lid that can be opened. Hape finishes are all non-toxic, child-safe and of the highest quality. The finish is non-toxic and ensures child safety. Know what? I can already imagine Brat H playing Moonlight Sonata on a cold rainy evening :).. Price: 9499 (INR).

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D. EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine: This is the machine that started a movement: the original, authentic EzyRoller. It’s the genuine article, extendable to allow kids from four to 14 (and even adults) to curve their way. Sit low, put your feet in the foot zone and you’ll soon be joyfully swooping around the asphalt. For an ultimate smooth riding experience indoor that’s so much carefree fun, go for EzyRoller which works off an instinctive reptilian movement in all of us. EzyRoller is truly a celebration of liberated imagination and the play possibilities are endless. Available at Hamleys India store in your city. Price: 8500 (INR).Indoor games for kids 11

Special thanks to my niece – Aarna for posing! Much love <3

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