Sabka Dentist Tells You How To Take Care Of Children’s Teeth With Braces

Convincing your child to take care of their teeth is always a challenge! However, it becomes even more challenging when they have braces. Having teeth braces makes it even more important to take care of teeth! Not only braces have to be taken care of, but you also want to ensure healthy teeth with no tooth decay. Want to know how to take care of children’s teeth with braces?

Here are ways on how to take care of children’s teeth with braces:

1. Brush after each meal

Brushing your teeth is necessary to remove plaque from teeth and maintain good oral hygiene with braces. Braces can retain food particles and therefore it is important for your child to brush his or her teeth after every meal. While brushing with braces, please keep following in mind.

  • Either use a power toothbrush or toothbrush with soft fine bristles that can gently clean around the braces, under the wires, and at the gum line
  • If your child has elastics/ rubber bands, then you need to remove them
  • Your child should brush their teeth at a 45-degree angle where the gums meet the teeth
  • Gently brush each tooth individually, using a back and forth and circular motions, and take time to brush around each bracket
  • Rinse regularly to cleanse any loose food particles

2. Floss everyday

Although it may consume more time, flossing is important with braces. Your child should make use of a floss threader to pull the floss under the braces. However, if flossing proves to be difficult, then you can also try thin interdental cleaning brushes. This can make it easy for your child to clean between the teeth to remove plaque.

3. Avoid sticky candies or hard food

Avoid sticky candies like toffee, caramel or sugary chewing gum as it can cling to teeth and contribute to tooth decay. It can also stick to a part of braces and rip them out while chewing. One should also avoid crunchy and hard food as they can get stuck inside braces and cause the bracket to break.

4. Wear a mouthguard during sports

Any trauma can accidentally cause damage to teeth or gums. Wearing a mouthguard will help protect your child’s mouth and braces. Your child may not like to wear a mouthguard, but it is better than an injury.

5. Visit the orthodontist regularly

During the time your child has braces, you will need to visit the orthodontist regularly for adjustments to your braces. After a routine orthodontic appointment, one may experience transient discomfort or even a slight amount of pain. Gentle brushing should be done, and soft food should be consumed during this time. However, if this pain does not reduce, then one should consult an orthodontist. Concerns about your braces and any problem with broken parts should also be brought to Orthodontist’s attention. If the orthodontist can’t find a problem, your child might be asked to use soft orthodontic wax to cover any sharp spots on braces that are otherwise bothersome against the inside of mouth or gums. Also, dental checkup for detecting caries, etc. should be done.

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  2. Great tips! I think the most important is brushing twice. Also, if you get them to start using floss early, it helps with the habit formation.