Unboxing A Healthy Drink For The Positive Growth And Development Of My Child

As parents, we constantly worry about our kids’ health and wellness. One of the bigger concerns as they grow is whether they’re getting all the nutrition they need. As we grapple with a multitude of choices in pediatric nutrition, our struggle gets harder with fussy eaters. So, the solution has got to be a mix that doesn’t just fill the nutrition gaps, but is also tasty and palatable to children.


The need for a healthy diet:

A child with average health will follow a typical growth curve. However, nutritional intake usually varies among children. Some kids are fussy when it comes to eating a well-balanced diet and a poor diet can result in constant irritability, tiredness, fatigue, and the inability to concentrate or learn at school. I did a bit of my own research and identified one such drink which is a must-try for kids who show red marks on their growth charts. Enter PediaSure for kids; it has been specially designed for growing children above the age of 2.

Not just for fussy eaters:

During my monthly routine visit to the pediatrician’s clinic, I overheard a mom talking about how she found one of the healthiest drinks around for her child. She also mentioned that its formulation helps kids who are at nutritional risk. She was talking about PediaSure, of course. PediaSure is a complete and balanced nutrition supplement that could prove extremely helpful only if your child isn’t growing well. However, as is, PediaSure nutrition is also a deliciously flavored nutritional drink which can be relished as a snack.

After checking with my pediatrician and hearing all the satisfactory reviews I received from my fellow mom-friends, who had nothing but good things to say about PediaSure nutrition, I decided to introduce it into my son’s diet. There are days he gets really picky about all the food that is put in front of him. But there’s no need to get too hassled anymore; PediaSure has proved to be a provision of well-balanced nutrition that supplements that which he misses out on from an unfinished meal on those precise days.

Now that, my dear mommy friends, is definitely a relief!

Taste and nutrition-packed in a jar!

I just picked up a 200-gram jar of PediaSure powder – Vanilla Delight; a very attractively packaged jar with a sealed, foil paper-pouch. The choice of colors got my 2-year olds attention. PediaSure has a blend of 37 vital nutrients. It has been scientifically designed for fussy eaters to take care of nutritional deficiencies and help support their overall growth and development. It is also believed to help support immunity and brain development.


My kid liked the overall taste though it wasn’t as sweet as I thought. Vanilla is his personal favorite, so we didn’t have any issues getting started on our first cup of PediaSure. Other options include Premium Chocolate and Kesar Badam.

If you’re interested in getting your child started on this, you can pick it up from your local general store or get PediaSure online here.

Do join me on #MyPediaSureJourney and I will be posting follow up articles on my #90DaysWithPediaSure to tell you just how the product is working out for my son.


  • One must consult the doctor before starting it if the child is under 2 years of age.
  • It is not advised for infants less than 1 year of age unless specified by a physician.
  • Not for IV use.
  • Not advisable for children with Galactosemia or those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Although PediaSure approached me to write about their product, the views and opinions expressed in the article are purely my own.

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