EuroKids Revolutionalizes Offline Education With This Unique Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new normal for us. While the lives of everyone has changed, the deepest impact has happened on the students whose style of education has changed drastically. The shift to online education has had a physical, emotional, and intellectual effect on them. While the struggle to adjust with the new normal has been too much, the effect of the extended screen time has been the most worrisome for the parents.

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Kids wearing power glasses have a high risk of a hike in power and those which are not wearing glasses are at a risk. The increased screen time not only damages the eyes but has long term effects on the brains of kids below the age of 8. Eurokids, the leading preschool educational chain, has come to the rescue of the parents with their 26 weeks offline Home-Schooling Kit for kids between 3-to-5 years (PG and Nursery). The program is the result of extensive research studies to facilitate qualitative results without stress. 

Eurokids has been the last name for preschools for the past 17 years. With their 360-degree child engagement program, they have created a second home for the children.

The unique learning process:

To engage the kids in their learning process without boring them is the most nerve-racking task for parents, primarily because they are not trained for the cause and all this happened unexpectedly. There comes the importance of the HomeSchooling Kit by EuroKids. It is a known fact that Eurokids Pre-school has an expert panel to put together an effective curriculum. They have created this exemplary learning kit so as to enable the child in developing their motor skills, eye-hand coordination, skill development (both cognitive and creative), problem-solving, and most importantly, critical thinking.

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The process helps in developing perspective in kids. The USP of the design of the kit is that it is 100% offline and can be easily handled by the parents. The kit ensures that the literacy, numeracy, and science skills of the child are developed in the home atmosphere without stressing out the parents and kids. 

Bringing down the screen time:

Eurokids have already had online classes and educational programs. But considering the surge of requests from parents to switch to offline education thereby reducing the screen time, they have delegated their expert panel in developing the HomeSchooling Kit

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Since the kids are always at home, keeping them engaged is a herculean task. The ‘HomeSchooling Kit’ doubles up as a unique way to engage your children and simultaneously teach them the basics which form the foundation of their future. The USP of the program is that it is 100% offline. The screentime for the child is 0 and hence the risk is null.  It is a well structured, systematic execution plan. If there is any doubt from the parent’s end, highly trained facilitators are available. What brings the program to the spotlight is that you can teach them at your convenient time, which helps the working mothers and stay at home mothers alike. Fathers can also contribute to the Eurokids HomeSchooling program for it is designed in such a way that teaching kids become an enjoyable and easy task.

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A hand-holding guide for parents:

Once registered, online initiation sessions are given to prepare the parents. This is more of a training session for equipping the parents so that it could be easy for them to use the kit and assure that the Eurokids Pre-school kit has been utilized effectively. The kit is condensed into a 26-week old program. Once the child finishes the program, a certificate will be awarded. Even after the program is over, parents can continue teaching the kids with the experience in using the kit. It is indeed a revolutionary step by Eurokids in the preschool educational arena. Once your base is set, you are all set. Eurokids Homeschooling Kit helps you set the base even during these tough times with 100% offline methods.

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The post is written by mommy blogger Rakhi Jayashankar, who had a personal experience with EuroKids Preschool for her daughter who was 3 years old (9 now) and is extremely optimistic about the program as she vouches for the quality of EuroKids.

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