How To Stop Being Lazy And Stop Procrastinating – 4 Helpful Tools

One of the worst enemies of all students is a lack of time. Students have a lot of assignments, and each requires some time. Every assignment has a strict deadline that cannot be violated. Otherwise, they will lose most or all grades. Time limits, a great variety of tasks, some personal problems, and non-academic duties complicate the situation. At times, it is simply impossible to write all papers on time or in accordance with the top standards. As a result, the Internet is overflowed with requests similar to “Who can write my essay for me?” Don’t fret. We got you covered. resenting 4 tools that help you stop procrastinating and answer how to stop being lazy. 

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It goes beyond all doubts that professional writing websites can solve your time management issues. Nonetheless, we know another effective way to solve it. You can use special tools that stop procrastination.

How To Stop Being Lazy? 

Our list includes 4 great tools that help you stop being lazy and procrastinate less. 

1. A day by day planner

It’s a helpful application, which allows setting reminders and thus, scheduling every day. You can set deadlines for every day, plan ahead for a week or even several months. Simply evaluate how much time is required to complete this or that paper and wind up the alarm. One of the best properties of this application is the possibility to prioritize. You don’t simply add all the things you have to complete. You can choose which one is more important or urgent. Divide them into separate logical categories and specify them. You can use different colors to mark tasks of the greatest importance, those of moderate urgency, and the less important ones.

2. RescueTime – One of the best tools that help you stop procrastinating

This app perfectly runs on a computer and can be easily installed on a mobile device. This app is very precise and counts every minute you spend every day. It measures every single step you make. Why is it helpful? Oftentimes, we don’t realize how much time we waste on unnecessary activities. For example, many folks may not notice that they spend on social media about 6-8 hours per day. This app tracks this activity and shows the timeline. Many people get horrified by this result and rework their schedule. Thus, many students avoid this and other kinds of distractions and get busy with their assignments. Of course, the program allows planning all the tasks ahead. Set reminders and deadlines to know when to start or when you should accelerate to write faster. This stimulates a faster performance.

3. Datexx Cube Timer

This is another resourceful and intelligent time managing program. It also allows setting whatever tasks you want and assesses their importance. It’s easily manageable, and it has a smart interface. It will take only a few clicks to set a timer. If you want to turn off it instantly, you can do that with a single flip. You can divide your tasks into logical blocks and complete each in turn. You are welcome to set a different duration for every assignment or time to rest. This also teaches you how to control your time. Quite soon, you’ll know how much time every assignment requires, and you may not need any application.

4. Scrivener

This application is the number one choice of many writers all over the globe. It helps novelists to organize notes and divide them into separate divisions. It has a practical interface. Every newbie will easily orient through all the functions and buttons. A few clicks and a couple of minutes will be enough to set a reminder. You can also add descriptions to know exactly to fulfill.

For example, it’s required to complete a reflexive essay. You may set a timer to write an introduction. Further on, you can set a new reminder to complete the main body the next day, and so on. It also offers various tutorials that teach how to plan time perfectly. We also warn that it’s not a free program. You will have to pay for it some money. Nonetheless, it offers a free trial for 30 days. It is remarkable that you may use it for free for several months. How is that possible? The countdown doesn’t go 30 days in a row. A day is counted only if you access the program and use it. Accordingly, you may use it only 10 times a month. You will have 20 more days to use at any time the need appears.


These applications will surely help you to control your time properly. You will not procrastinate because they will become a great motivational power. Every time the alarm sounds, you know that something has to be done. Besides, you will not forget about any academic, as well as non-academic assignment. If you use one or several reminders, you will be always on time and will not violate deadlines.

We would also like to add a few brief tips about how to organize the working process:

  • Understand why you procrastinate
  • Enlist all distractions
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Evaluate the time required to fulfill each task
  • Define strategies to avoid procrastination
  • Organize your working process
  • Make a strict schedule and always follow it
  • Set up a reward system to encourage yourself

These tips will help to be always tuned to work and never delay. Use them every day and combine them with one of the smart tools we have highlighted above. This will ensure the desired results. Hope you received the answer to, ‘how to stop being lazy’. You will never be late if you’re organized, disciplined, and use some help.

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