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Fashion is ever-changing and there have been many transformations that have occurred over the years. These revolutions in fashion haven’t been specific only to women; even men’s fashion has made drastic changes throughout all these years. Men now have various fashion items to choose to wear from, unlike earlier times. Minimalist feel with these easy breezy cotton shirts is what’s been trending!

Minimalist Feel with These Easy Breezy Cotton Shirts 01

These days, men prefer to don themselves in clothes that exemplify class and are minimalist. This minimalist style has been adopted both in work life and typical day-to-day life. Cotton shirts for men are a great fashion statement to make when you follow the minimalist look. They are versatile and can be carried for any occasion.

These cotton shirts can easily be teamed up with good old jeans, trendy chinos, sharp trousers, and even shorts. However, you are bound to feel lost and confused when it comes to choosing the best cotton shirts for men. Here are a few options in cotton shirts that will help you beat the confusion and glide through summer with comfort and style. Amp up your style quotient.

Minimalist feel with these easy breezy cotton shirts and styles:

1. Checkmate!

If you have a curious eye for detail, then this checked shirt is just the thing for you. With only two buttons in the front to live up to that minimalist vibe, this 100% cotton shirt is perfect! A semi-concealed packet, the shirt gives a sharp look to the wearer. Also, if you have a keen eye, you can find an embroidered bull that adds a bit of eccentricity.

Minimalist Feel with These Easy Breezy Cotton Shirts 02

2. Like a king!

When you shop for cotton shirts for men, you must ensure that comfort is your priority. With this 100% cotton shirt, you aren’t only going to be super comfortable but also give out a nawab vibe as you are guaranteed to look like royalty. The color is a deep red with pink dobby and foldable sleeves with classy checkered sleeves.

Minimalist Feel with These Easy Breezy Cotton Shirts 03

2. The BoHo dude

Even with plenty of little detailing, this shirt has managed to grab on to that minimalist essence. This sage green shirt with polka dots and little floral details on sleeves and ends of the shirt stand out amongst the crowd. The concealed buttons help in not making it look cluttered and gives out a crisp and minimalist look. This versatile cotton shirt can efficiently transform from a day look to a party look instantly.

Minimalist Feel with These Easy Breezy Cotton Shirts 04

3. White is right

A crisp white shirt can never go wrong! There is no one way to style it as it goes perfectly with any lowers and footwear; the possibilities are endless with this one. However, this shirt isn’t your average shirt; it stands out with the yoke, buttons, collar, and the back-pleat detailing. The cotton fabric ensures that it remains airy and comfortable even on a hot or humid summer day.

Minimalist Feel with These Easy Breezy Cotton Shirts 05

4. Flower power

If you’re the eccentric kind but still prefer a minimalist wardrobe, this floral shirt will pique your interest. The overall abstract floral print on an ivory linen shirt gives out the ultimate cool guy vibe. Little details like covered buttons, mandarin collar, back slit, neck piping, and more are bound to exemplify style like never before.

Minimalist Feel with These Easy Breezy Cotton Shirts 06

5. An amalgamation of style and comfort

Cotton and linen are the ultimate summer fabrics to don this hot and humid summer. With these minimalist patterns and details, you are bound to give out a more minimalist and relaxed look. However, while shopping for cotton shirts for men, you must make sure that the details and the fabric are just right. One lifestyle brand where you don’t have to worry about a thing is Nicobar. This brand’s clothing is classy, elegant, tailored, fashionable, pragmatic, sophisticated, and breaks away from traditional norms. That’s not all; they have many other products like jackets, pocket squares, belts, bags and much more that help to up the ante of your look even further. Your search for a well-fitted cotton shirt ends with Nicobar!

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