7 Best Brain Puzzles And Toys For Kids

Kids love to play, and their games are the only thing they look forward to all the time. Try asking your little one to read a book at 6 pm and enjoy the reactions that follow. They love to do anything engaging and colorful and of course, books can also make a way into their schedules. Toys are not bad if they aid and add value to your wonderful little champ’s life. Some brain puzzles and toys work on the cognitive approach for building and enhancing the thought works of a child’s brain.

Brain Puzzles - Wooden toys

Games can leave a lasting impact on a child both at cognitive and mindfulness levels. Then there are toys for kids that help in sharpening and developing the brain and improve skills on a deep level. Such toys can be in the form of a brain puzzle or even a play toy of wood which may add value to a child’s learning.

Brain puzzles that help in building the kids’ grey matter:

1. Blocks

The brain-building toy- blocks have been around since 1970 and all of us as kids have experienced playing with blocks. This is not just brain-building but also one of the most creatively engaging toys for any child. 

Wooden blocks

2. Art Factory First Words Puzzle and Book Kit

Alphabet learning and the formation of the words is a task for a child and so is for the parents. This is a 24-piece puzzle kit for toddlers consisting of a 20-page coloring book that keeps the kid creatively engaged and happy. With this brain puzzle kit and coloring book by Art Factory, you can teach him simple words like book, milk, car, etc.

First Words - Infotainment toy game for kids
Toys for kids? Key points to remember!

3. Quill on Make with Shapes Sorting Puzzle Game Set

A shape sorter puzzle game. It is a hands-on learning approach that is super fun for kids. The game will help your child identify shapes and improve their motor skills and recognition ability. This is not just a shape sorter, but it also comes with a five-vehicle-based brain puzzle. The pieces will make your child glee as they make a car, rocket, etc.

Quill Game for kids to recognize shapes

4. Desi Karigar Wooden 3D Puzzle Six in One Set

A wooden puzzle game with an old-world charm to it. It is a 6-in-1 puzzle piece set by Desi Karigar designed on wood. This improves your child’s motor and problem-solving skills. The puzzle needs time to grow on your kid but once they get a hand on it, it will be difficult to get their hands off it. The more they play this game, the more they improve their patience and concentration.

5. Build a City Wooden set by Shumee

Shumee specializes in wooden toys, which are safe and hand-painted using organic colors.  This game in particular makes your child a city planner defining and designing highways, gardens, homes, and streets. The game improves your child’s motor skills and helps them be self-expressive as well as creative.


6. Flag Frenzy by CocoMoco

The website is designed and built to help you engage your little one in the most productive way. While all the games have been diligently and meticulously planned, the one game that has been super impactful is “Flag Frenzy”. A great family game comprising of 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards, and a rule book making your child aware of the world’s diverse geography. The brain puzzle game helps raise a kid’s awareness about countries, locations, and their respective flags.

Flag Frenzy by Cocomoco

7. Mozart Bob by Little Wings

The Mozart box contains premium wooden toys for problem-solving, board books to encourage reading, a musical instrument to boost STEM skills, a set of flashcards on fruits and vegetables, a spray bottle for self-expression, a set of scarves for open-ended play, wooden sticks for fostering creativity, a hook and loop(velcro) practice toy. Most importantly, it comes with a guide for parents on when/how to introduce each toy to their child. Collectively, this box contains toys that activate all parts of your child’s brain for holistic development while boosting their problem-solving skills and fostering a love for reading, art, and music.

Try some of these brain puzzle games for your kid that can be found on Amazon or FirstCry. The earlier your kids get attuned to such toys, the better for their development and growth! And in case you want to tingle the fun bone in your child, you can read about some fun indoor games to keep your kid occupied. 

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  1. My daughter is a picky eater so we wanted to have some toys which increase her interest in eating. We thought of buying few toys which help her to learn while having fun. We bought toys to learn about cutlery skills and table manners. She pretends to play to imitate making a sandwich, bread, and having a tea, and make us have that, which is fun.

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