Best Surrogacy Ukraine Is Here for You to Create a Little Life

The World Center of Baby surrogacy agency Ukraine provides you with safety. They also do their services with love. And this love means a lot of work. Here your journey begins from finding the surrogate mom or egg donor to all the medical procedures, and legal support.

It is a leading and responsible agency with a team that matches you with potential surrogate mothers has an exclusive approach and has the best programs. Follow three steps:

  1. Fill in the online application form
  2. Take part in a consultation for free
  3. Begin an amazing journey
Best surrogacy agency in Ukraine

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine With Possibility to Pay by Parts

  • Unlimited number of attempts for in vitro fertilization;
  • the best match with a surrogate mom;
  • safe storage of biological materials;
  • legal approaches, documentation as well as translation services that follow all the standards;
  • surrogate mother services cost;
  • price for medical services, and postpartum recovery.

Everything mentioned above is already included in the cost of all packages. With this clinic you can divide the whole cost into 4 payments:

  1. When signing a contract
  2. After the 12th week of pregnancy
  3. After the 26th week of pregnancy
  4. When the baby is born

We are open to consult couples for free, this function is available online. You can learn more about the cost of our services and get advice from experts as to the appropriate packages.

The Best Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine: Work With the Most Meticulous Legal Counsels

Surrogacy agency

Ukrainian law is progressive and friendly towards parents who want to use the help of agencies for having babies. Any forum regarding the legal procedure of surrogacy. Here are the advantages of going to Ukraine for such services. This is based on the provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine and the orders of the Health Ministry of Ukraine. These laws explicitly regulate the embryo status and prescribe the exact actions, namely:

  1. no adaptation needed: neither the donor nor the surrogate mother is legal parent, by contract it is only you;
  2. birth certificate for baby with you as parents without any problems.

Of course, our experienced legal experts at the clinic will provide you with every piece of the necessary information. Perfect guidance and support during this amazing journey are guaranteed.

Programs in Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine for LGBTQ+ and Hetero Couples

Everyone can be a happy parent, and it does not depend on sex, gender, or other things. World Center of Baby surrogacy agency Ukraine is not only for hetero couples. Equal rights are above all, and our team protects the interests and choices of everyone, that is why gay couples can also use the services we offer.

Two countries for LGBTQ+ couples are offering the top quality services: our clinic is available for them in Colombia and Mexico. There the process is the same: choosing the egg donor, doing in vitro fertilization, and finding a match with the gestational carrier. Other relevant information as well as legal consulting is also free on the website. As a clinic that works in over 40 countries, World Center of Baby surrogacy agency Ukraine promises to follow all the legal standards. Being a mother is everyone’s dream, let us overcome the infertility struggles and embrace parenthood together.

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