How to prepare for a baby shower?

Take a look at 9 important things you must keep in mind in order to prepare for your own or a friend’s baby shower!

Throwing a baby shower party has become quite trendy these days. With the popular Bollywood divas becoming mommies, in fact, even the role of a baby shower hostess has evolved! From Jaya Bachchan playing the perfect host at Bachhan household at the time of Aishwarya Rai’s baby shower to Shamita Shetty organizing the pre-baby party for sister Shilpa Shetty, the trend of throwing a baby shower has become a high point in a pregnant mom’s life.

So, all you expecting mommies, amp-up your pregnancy phase and celebrate the bump by inviting a few friends over and having a good time before you embark on a journey of motherhood!

What do you typically do while preparing for a baby shower? Prepare a checklist. Here are a few things that you must include in your list:

1. Date and time:

It is best to have a baby shower in the third trimester of your pregnancy. Also, set a day and time. Would you want to have a tea party? Or call friends over for dinner? Just be sure to stay cool and let your hostess take charge of everything. Right from deciding the menu to ordering the cake. Of course, your say and a final-go-ahead is a sacrosanct.

2. Venue:

Should it be your home, a banquet, coffee shop or a friend’s place? It is important to make check, block, and make reservations way well in advance. To be continued…

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