How To Sleep Better During The 30th Week Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tough, yet it is filled with joy and excitement. Your body undergoes a number of changes during this time. Many new symptoms are noticed when you enter the third trimester of to sleep better during pregnancy 01

Finding it difficult to sleep through the night in your 30th week of pregnancy? Here are some effective tips for you:

One of the most common symptoms seen in women who are 30 weeks pregnant is insomnia. It is most likely that you may experience sleeplessness when you are about 30 weeks pregnant. Reasons like leg cramps, heartburn, nightmares, anxiety, baby movements, and frequent urination may prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Moreover, the huge baby bump makes you feel uncomfortable while lying down.

If you are wondering how to sleep better during the 30th week of pregnancy, then we have some effective tips for you.

1. Maintain a schedule: Adjust your body clock to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Ensure that you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

2. Lie on the left: Sleep positions during the 30th week of pregnancy are crucial. A pregnant woman is recommended to sleep on her left as it allows easy passage of blood and nutrients to the baby and helps in averting uncomfortable symptoms.

3. Use extra pillows: Place a pillow between your legs and use one for back support. You may also buy a curved maternity pillow to maintain a good sleep position during pregnancy.

4. Wear loose clothes: Be comfortable in your clothing. Wear loose cotton nightwear that has sufficient breathing space.

5. Have a light dinner: Keep your dinner light and healthy. Avoid spicy foods as they may aggravate heartburn. Cut back on fluids during the night to minimize bathroom visits. If there is a long gap between your dinner and bedtime, then have light snacks before sleeping.

6. Beautify the bedroom: Keep your bedroom clean and cool. Place fresh flowers so that the room smells good. Sleep on a clean cotton bed sheet and use a firm mattress. Also, ensure that the room is dark and noise-free during the to sleep better during pregnancy 02

7. Stay away from the screen: Switch off the television and stay away from the laptop and mobile at least half an hour before going to bed. For a sound sleep, read a book instead.

8. Relax: Relax your mind before going to bed. Encourage happy and positive thoughts. Listen to soothing music and take a warm shower before sleeping.

The changes that occur during week 30 apart from carrying a heavy body will be a little daunting. However, enjoy the phase as it comes & rest as much as you can.

Lack of sleep during pregnancy won’t harm the baby; however, it will make you feel exhausted all the time. Taking utmost care of yourself is, thus, necessary if you are a mother-to-be. Pampers India understands this and helps you overcome the symptoms of pregnancy. For a healthy and a beautiful pregnancy, browse through expert tips and advice on our website.

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2 thoughts on “How To Sleep Better During The 30th Week Of Pregnancy”

  1. Ugh I remember the discomfort of trying to sleep at 30 weeks like it was yesterday… I may be up 6 times a night with the baby now, but at least I can sleep anywhere anytime (like in the chair while nursing her back to sleep at 1, 2, 3, and 4am).
    You mentioned relaxing before bed – I found that to be a great time to practice my hypnobirthing meditations. They would put me right to sleep! You can find free hypnobirthing meditations on YouTube and can listen with ear buds and do them laying down so you drift off listening to positive affirmations about birth.