Top 5 Health Tips For Expecting Moms

For an expecting mother, nutrition is a vital component. Right from the stage of conception to the first six months of life, a baby’s nutritional need is linked to his/her mother. A woman who is expecting a child has to be particularly careful about what she eats and drinks so that she gives birth to a healthy baby. This is important not only from the standpoint of a child’s health but also for the well-being of an expectant mother. Many women develop life-long impairment because of complications of childbirth, often triggered due to poor diet and stress. To avoid such instances, pregnant women must not only pay close attention to their nutritional needs but also focus on staying active and happy. Therefore, if you are planning a baby or are already pregnant, you may follow these steps in consultation with your doctor. We’ve curated a list of top 5 health tips for expecting moms.


5 Critical health tips for expecting moms:

1. Watch your weight if you are overweight

First, before following any tip, you must discuss the same with your Doctor. If you are overweight, try shedding some kilos before you plan on conceiving. Being overweight can hamper the growth and development of the baby. Conversely, being underweight has its own side-effects and can lead to miscarriage or low -birth weight and even cause congenital impairment in a child.


Also, don’t worry about weight gain. It’s normal, as well as recommended for expecting mothers to gain at least 10 kilos. The focus should be more on what you eat, rather than how much you eat. For instance, have a balanced meal comprising of a reasonable portion of carbohydrates, fats, protein, essential oils, and nuts. Increase your dairy intake like milk or curd. Consuming generous portions of iron rich food like green leafy vegetables and pulses is also suggested. Eat fibrous and whole grain food items and skip alcohol, refined sugar, and flour. If necessary consult a dietician and keep a close tab on the weighing scale.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

You must also increase your water intake during pregnancy. Constipation, UTI, and haemorrhoids are common ailments associated with pregnancy. But if you consume an adequate amount of water daily, the risks and complaints linked to these illnesses can be significantly controlled or reduced. Having stated that, make sure that the water you drink every day is fit for consumption.


Any form of impurity in water can lead to gastrointestinal infection which can take a toll on the health of an expecting mother. Studies have also indicated consuming contaminated water; especially if it has been treated with chlorine can release toxic chemicals into the water. These are a byproduct of chlorine which may harm the unborn child and even increase the risk of miscarriage.

Fortunately, there are several water purifiers available in India that will ensure access to clean and pure drinking water. Kent RO system, one of the largest manufacturers of water purifiers in India is developed with an innovative technology that retains essential nutrients of the water while removing impurities like fluoride, arsenic, and pesticides.

3. Don’t skip your pre-natal supplements

Most often than not, many women suffer from some sort of a vitamin deficiency. In normal circumstances, such deficiency may not pose a significant threat to our health. However, if you are pregnant, even mild deficiencies can take a dangerous turn. At the early stage of pregnancy, many women suffer from nausea or morning sickness. Thanks to this they tend to eat less and therefore are unable to meet the daily quota of nutrients and energy.
This is why consuming pre-natal supplements are so important. Recommended supplements like Folic acid, calcium, multivitamin tablets must be consumed as prescribed by your physician. Just in case any of these supplements are not suiting you, contact your doctor or physician immediately.

4. Indulge in mild form of exercise

Health experts advice that pregnant woman should be as active as they can. Active living during pregnancy reduces back pain and induces energy in the body. Pregnancy Yoga classes have become very popular these days. In fact, studies have demonstrated that Yoga is an excellent way to fight pre-natal depression, a form of clinical depression that can affect women during their pregnancy.


Staying active during gestation period will also assist in faster recovery post-delivery. However, before you commit to any kind of workout regime, consult your doctor or gynecologists.

5. Check sugar levels

Many pregnant women are at risk of developing Gestational Diabetes. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep a tab on sugar levels. Although, its only seldom that gestational diabetes develops into full-blown Type II diabetes post-delivery, it’s important to be wary of this. If you have a history of diabetes in the family or you are over-weight, you are at high risk of developing Gestational Diabetes. In order to keep a tab on sugar level, buy a sugar testing machine and check your sugar levels several times in a day. If the sugar levels are beyond permissible limits, you will have to follow a strict diet to control it.

Motherhood is a bliss. The joy of bringing life to this world makes a woman feel special. However, whatever changes in routine or diet you decide to introduce, do so only in consultation with your doctor.

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