5 Laundry hacks you need before your next laundry day!

5 Laundry hacks every mom should know!

That daunting task of doing laundry ruining your Saturday mornings? Ask any mummy, laundry is definitely the least least-favorite home management tasks. Worst part? It doesn’t just end with washing and drying but what follows is sorting, folding, and putting away. Here’s a few hacks, to make your laundry easier!laundry-hacks-01

1. Sort as you go:

Keep multiple hampers to dump your regular laundries, instead of separating your clothes into different loads on laundry day. This takes care of that extra step on laundry day. You can probably sort the lighter shades, the darker ones and the white in three different hampers. Set your hampers ready for the laundry day and no sorting necessary!laundry-hacks-02

2. Treat stains as you go:

Keep handy some strain removal solvent near the hamper. As soon as you get a nasty stain on your clothes, get them off and pre-treat them before dumping them off the laundry basket. This too takes care of a huge step on the laundry and you do not actually to take out each piece of cloth from the hamper and pre-treat the stains right before washing.

3. Use the “Quick Wash” setting:

Although many people would say that “quick wash” cycle in the washing machine doesn’t clean your clothes as good as the “normal cycle”, it does. So if you are about to wash the ones you want to take extra care of, try it.laundry-hacks-03

4. Fill your drawers from front to back:

Don’t stack clothing in your wardrobe drawers from top to bottom because it gets difficult to get hold of the items placed at the bottom The next time you fill your drawers, fill them horizontal, from front to back. Much accessible to see what you have and pick something out.

5. Outsource the laundry altogether:

Still hate laundry? Just dump them off to one of the online laundry services who do free pick-up and deliver for your laundry, like LaundroKart. You’ll be able to spend your time hanging with the family or getting importing things done instead of wasting it doing laundry.

So here you are with a few laundry hacks up your sleeves. Happy washing everyone and let your clothes do the talking!

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