Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Egg Donor At A Fertility Clinic

A crucial step in your journey to conceiving through IVF treatments is to opt for the right donor eggs. When the eggs are healthy, they work miraculously to enhance the chances of pregnancy. Healthy and young donors produce eggs that make it possible for even older women to conceive. However, the overall acceptance of egg donors in Indian society is quite low. A study at a fertility clinic showed that out of 594 women, only 118 wanted to use eggs and 93 agreed for embryos.

Fertility Clinic - A pregnant woman

If you are hesitant too, consider these essential factors for high-quality eggs. 

Medical History:

Most fertility clinics screen egg donors for genetic disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and any other condition that might affect the fetus. The good health of the donor should be your top priority. Pay close attention to medical history to understand what could affect your child in the future. Additionally, you can also check the blood type to ensure it matches with that of at least one of the parents. Most egg donors also undergo psychological testing to make sure they are not suffering from serious mental disorders. 

Physical Traits:

Parents today are not inclined towards beauty but wish for a healthy baby. However, many couples want their child to have a similar physical appearance as their own. If you too are a hopeful parent, consider checking the height, weight, eye and hair color of the donor. You could begin by looking at childhood photos to see if the child will resemble you in the future. If you are not too sure, check for pictures of the immediate family, like siblings and parents.

Previous Donations:

One important factor to confirm from the fertility clinic is whether the donor has been successful earlier. If she has produced a good number of mature eggs once, she is most likely to do so again. An experienced woman will also know the entire process of egg donation and what to expect at each step. She will definitely have a professional approach and the body will respond well to fertility medication. It is also important to determine how many times the donor has gone through the egg retrieval process. Doctors do not recommend more than 3-4 donations for quality issues. 

Known or Unknown Donor:

If you want your child to have a fairly good relationship with the donor, your friend or sister would be a good choice. If not, it is better to opt for an anonymous donor. Most egg donation banks and clinics supervise the entire process. Make sure the donor has signed all documents that prove that she will not exercise any parental rights over the child. They will also have to agree that children born from their eggs are the lawful child of the potential parents. 

Before making the big decision, ensure that you are emotionally ready. Also, it is a great idea to consult the doctor to understand whether frozen or fresh eggs would be beneficial for you.

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