Video Of 2 Easy Paper Crafts For Kids – Paper Fish And Paper Bird

Our little ones love easy paper crafts and artworks. Be it, making colorful birds or cute fish with aqua and bright colors, kids are always game! Summer’s long noons are spent well-making origami or simple crafts using easy paper techniques. In our blog today, My Art of Life has brought a step-by-step video of 2 easy paper crafts – our favorite fish and bird. All you need is colorful paper (or newspaper and magazine sheets also work), a pair of scissors, a glue stick and sketch pens (or color pencils).

In our previous blog, we shared a video of paper flowers with easy paper crafts. The beauty of spring flowers created from the stack of newspaper and magazine papers. I hope you infused positive energy with lavender paper flowers, roses, and dandelions. This time around, use a thread to hang the handmade paper fish and paper bird.

Bring the magic of the sky and water into your homes.

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During COVID-19 lockdown, it’s a challenge to keep kids busy and happily engaged. There are two things that are of utmost interest to them at this point- art/craft activities and helping parents with basic household chores. Other than this, their online Zoom study classes and infotainment online games are keeping their brain cells active. But, one of the best ways for children to utilize their time at home is by unleashing their creativity and using their hands to make something crafty for themselves.

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