5 Romantic and easy updo hairstyles for new moms

Check out 5 under 5 minute romantic and easy-to-do updo hairstyles for new moms!

Endless kisses, bear hugs, house full of giggly-gurgly sounds are some of the real joys of being a mother. But, a new mom also goes through a lot of lows in the first few months of her life. This includes sleeplessness, tiredness, and lack of time to do anything for herself. ‘Anything’..Really anything? Well! Not per se. Having back to back sleepless nights and still being able to look good is a dream that can well be achieved. So, all you new moms out there who are probably bored of looking just the same, day in day out, why not give yourself a bit of a makeover? Try out these really easy-to-do mom updos for a drab to fab look and surprise your near and dear ones with the stunning looks.Updo hairstyles for moms 01

Updo hairstyles for moms 02Take a look at 5 hairstyles, actually really easy updos for new moms. But before you get started with any of these, here is what you need:

  • Colorless hair elastic band
  • Hair curler
  • Bobby pins and U-shaped pins
  • Hairspray
  • Hair ornaments, such as natural flowers (roses, orchids, lilies); hair accessories in crystal, stones..Continue reading




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