Thought For The Day – House VS Home

Do you live in a house or a home? To exist is easy but to live needs a lot of other factors. House is where you exist and home is where you live. See the difference. Today we will discuss more about the topic house vs home.

Thought for the day: House vs Home

Thought for the day - House vs home

“Money can build a house but it takes love to make it a home”- Anonymous

People spend the savings of the lifetime to build or buy a house. Housing loans are like living in a rental house in your name. You find the choicest of the architects to design your abode. They decide where you sleep, cook and level take a leak. So you have finally managed to have a place to live, that is your own. Your house warming is celebrated with grandeur. Everyone comes a praises the aesthetics of your house. You are beaming with pride.

Now let’s take a leap of a few months or years. You are living in your house thinking of what is left behind of yours. You wondering if the life is worth it. Because, you are still toiling to pay off the housing loan, that consumes a major portion of your savings. But for what? Haven’t you or at least a single person whom you know gone through this scenario?

You can build a house with your life’s savings but you have to make sure you convert it into a home. That is only possible with immense love. Love you family. Express your love. Hug it out. Don’t wait for the last quarter of your life to shower your life and time for your loved ones. Make your house a beautiful home because houses can be built anytime but to convert it into a home should be done at the right time before it is too late.

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