4 Absolutely ridiculous baby care advice people have actually given me!

Each and every new mom goes through this! Here are the MOST ridiculous baby care and parenting advice and tips I have heard so far

If you know me well, you would know the fact that I tend to rant a lot about motherhood. Don’t get me wrong. I am a mother of a toddler who has been throwing tantrums and temper around at the drop of a hat. If you know me at all, then chances are that you would probably also know that I have a special sort of loathing for people who surround a new mom like bees swarming around the hive.Ridiculous baby care advice 01

Those ridiculous parenting advice and tips that often come (unsolicited) towards a new mother by these swarming bees .. Now I don’t really have a word to describe the feeling. It’s more than just the loathe and despise (to the power infinity) which I can’t express in this forum. So, if you are you a new mom who has stopped by this post, then, just stay here for another moment. Go on and read it for I know what you must be really going through. Bad baby care advice can be nothing short of being ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. Continue Reading…




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4 thoughts on “4 Absolutely ridiculous baby care advice people have actually given me!”

  1. Oh all those kind of advices are, as you said, ridiculous. Problem is that with the first baby you are so unsure about what to do, that you take any advice you get and then it starts eating you up… Because you feel you are not doing it right when in fact you are doing it right. Because you will know. You will feel what is right for you and your baby…