Nostalgia Kicks In – Top 6 Childhood Then And Now Memories

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it feels like the world has gone back to basics. I feel angry and frustrated because of how things have changed. Our lives have changed. That said, some part of me is happy. I was reflecting on some childhood then and now. The nostalgia has kicked in. The old-world charm of spending days at home, the simplistic lifestyles have come back. 

The old-world charm is not conflicting with the new world’s high-tech pulp. I mean yes we have embraced the new normal and what once was the physical meeting room is now set-up virtually. But, look at what we are eating and how are kids are keeping themselves busy. This time might not and wish never comes back. However, it has taught us a lot. I am going to compare it with these simple graphics: you really want such typical hi-fi life to govern your child’s idiosyncrasy.. their creativity? Well, now that’s one question you must ask yourselves.

Have a look and re-live the 90’s – Top 6 childhood then and now memories:

1. Technology for your toddlers

The petrichor and nostalgia of light pink, blue, and cream-colored chalks, the screeching sound of that same chalk against the slate. All this has been replaced by the new world toys being fed left, right, and center to our little ones. Tablets, notebooks, and readers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Childhood Then and Now 01

2. Would you like to feed your tiny-tot some Xbox remote codes? 

Those were the days when playing hopscotch was mandatory. So much fun and frolic and it would teach kids to code. This beautiful outdoorsy game with hand-made graphics (boxes and numbers) scribbled wonderfully on the pavement are missed so much. Imagine your kids holding on to the Xbox consoles, media remotes, and other accessories for a hobby! Not cool.

Childhood Then & Now 02

3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Remember how we would get our favorite songs recorded on the cassette tape and later play them. The personal walkman was considered a cool thing to own. The crackling sound of the analog reel, often getting stuck between the teeth of the run-down walkman was normal. Those were the days! Now it’s all about Apple. Your cool quotient is apparently measured basis the number of Apple products you own. Even amongst kids! Cool? Hmm, Uncool?

Childhood Then & Now 03

4. Crocodiles – pretty ugly, please? 

Relaxo was one brand that was synonymous with footwear. ‘Quality Par Excellence’ was a household name in the 80s and the 90s. But, today, from a LO to a teenager has been flaunting colorful Croslite material. Crocs have been selling ‘fashion-forward’ footwear like hot cakes…And then I see a ‘Crocs are ugly’ and ‘Croc-a-holics anonymous’ fan club and then I see Relaxo inking a deal with Salmaan Khan for their promotions. Now, the age-old scissor-style slipper must be doing something right for us all. This is the most nostalgic childhood then and now for me.


5. Birds weren’t this angry once

There was a time when kids would start forming their intuitive instincts by building blocks. In the courtyard, under the tree, on their playmats, parents by their side, birds chirping around, we as babies loved building blocks. Such bliss! And now, they play Angry Birds.. the angrier the bird is, the better it gets. Funny, isn’t it?


6. Vroom Vroom and Vroom!

Pony ride-on is such a passé. Let’s talk about automated cars and bikes that speed around the house. Little boys and girls have bagged the license to a fast-paced life. After all, who would like to oscillate on the wooden horse cart? I mean it is such a passé…


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Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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  1. I still love the old toys… and apparently my grandchildren do too! When my grandson told us he had been dreaming about an etch-a-sketch, I made sure there was one under the tree for Christmas! :0)