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We are all adults. We have spent our lives with so many experiences over the years that we are sure we would be able to teach our kids all about life. Life is vast and the experiences that it gives you can be multidimensional. as much as vast it is, life is too short. Primarily, life is something no one can teach others. When we think of telling and teaching our kids about life, they will teach us more.

The Champa Tree’s Thought for the Day – All About Life:

Thought for the day -

Children teach us that sweet nothings are more important than the humungous achievements. They tell us how to be happy for the silly things. We learn from them how to let go of grudges. To forget and forgive. Sometimes the words of wisdom that come from the little ones will make us ashamed of being mean, selfish, and self-loathing. They teach us the value of innocence, happiness, content, and many more. Where do they learn it from? That is a matter of mystery. No one can decipher how it is.

Have you felt that your child is a master in telling you how certain situations are to be perceived? Share with us your experiences in the comment section below.

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