4 Important expectations from a father for raising children through positive parenting

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on September 25, 2015

What’s the role of a father? Raising children through positive parenting requires an effort. Do moms have these 4 realistic expectations from their partners? 

Dads are special. In a lot of ways. My dad is special too. He is someone who has always helped others, setting a right example for his kids and others. Besides, he always chose a difficult path under any tricky situation. I understand now, why he did. A supportive, progressive and a god-fearing man, my father. He loves his wife and his kids a lot more than can be put in words. From what he was at 20 (as I hear from his friends) to what he became at 30, a father of one, that journey is commendable. A sense of responsibility got him getting busy making a life for himself and his family. He spent a little time with friends, more time at work and if not at work, then he was seen sharing a laugh with his wife and their daughter.  Indeed! That was our favorite amongst many other (similar) family day celebration ideas. And then arrived another one (my brother), so, the friends he knew became just a few. He forgot about soccer, cricket and his love for music now turned into that for rhymes. He got even busier making a better life for his family, caring for them, staying up nights, looking after the sick child. Making a cup of tea for his wife, giving her a deserved break. He never thought that looking after kid(s) was a woman’s domain. Not that he was a stay-at-home-dad, you see!

So, dads are special..

Parenting styles can be unique and different at the same time. How to raise a child depends on good or bad parenting. Childhood memories are often based on extremely happy or sad moments. And in order to build positive memories for your child, it is important to have a positive parenting attitude.

Here are 4 important expectations that any new mother, a wife would have from her children’s’ father.

1. A father must spend quality time with his ‘family’Raising children through positive parenting 01

2. Spending time with ‘family’ is not a hobby. It’s an act of lifeRaising children through positive parenting 02

3. For a father, Facebook, friends, sports, etc. can wait, but he mustn’t keep his family waitingRaising children through positive parenting 03

4. A father should often help his partner with the baby-related chores. At times, he must offer to play the role of a stay-at-home-dadRaising children through positive parenting 04

Disclaimer: These thoughts are extremely personal. The author is also of the opinion that a mother alone is very much capable of providing for her child/childrens’ emotional and financial needs.

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2 thoughts on “4 Important expectations from a father for raising children through positive parenting”

  1. Since I’ve become a dad, I’m finding more and more other dads who are as much responsible for the kids as the mom. It takes a team (not saying one can’t do it alone) and when fathers are as responsible as the mothers, the children benefit greatly.